Paper Example. Moving From Evidence to Sustainable Practice Changes

Published: 2023-09-10
Paper Example. Moving From Evidence to Sustainable Practice Changes
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There is a need for necessary interventions to be undertaken to help chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients understand how to manage their conditions while at home. Many interventions can be undertaken to offer patient education on CKD. This paper will discuss two evidence-based interventions that can be taken to help CKD patients self-manage their kidney problems back at home. The two interventions are pharmacist-led education intervention during CKD prescription pick-up by the patients, and ensuring the addition of nutritional education resources to health care's dietary counseling programs.

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During prescriptions, patients need to be provided education on how they are supposed to take their medications appropriately. They should be taught how and why they should comply with pharmacist's prescriptions and what they should do if they experience abnormalities in their kidneys (Somuah, 2018). Pharmacists' education should be based on the patients' preferences, such as reading materials, videos, and audios, whichever the patient prefers (Narva et al., 2016). The second evidence-based intervention that should be taken to help the CKD patients is including nutrition education materials to dietary counseling programs that should be done in a group. Diet is important towards the recovery of patients, and CKD patients need to take food rich in vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, poultry, fish, seeds, nuts, beans, and whole grains. The dietary counseling educational programs should be done in a group as research has shown that group-based educational programs are effective in managing CKD and other related conditions (Walsh, 2017).

The interventions will positively contribute to the proposed project for nursing research, education, and practice. They will help increase knowledge of risks associated with CKD and show how the patients should also deal with NSAIDs risks. The patients will understand the diet that they should take to aid recovery from the CKD condition.


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