Essay Sample on LinkedIn Learning

Published: 2022-11-16
Essay Sample on LinkedIn Learning
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LinkedIn Learning is the online learning platform which helps organizations and people to achieve their set objectives and their aspirations. The aim of this platform is ensuring individuals have discovered and developed the appropriate skills required through data-driven and personalized learning experiences. The platform tends to combine the leading contents with the professional network and data from LinkedIn. LinkedIn can monitor how industries, organizations, skills and jobs evolve within a given period. By doing this, the platform can identify the skills required for a specific job thus delivering the expert-led courses that help individuals obtain the appropriate skills. This paper will focus on the core pillars, learning features, functions and capabilities of LinkedIn Learning.

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Core Pillars of LinkedIn Learning

Data-driven personalization

LinkedIn learning gets the appropriate course for a person in the proper time. The network also tends to create a personalized recommendation for the students to discover the paths which are necessary and relevant to the LinkedIn learning goals and the job functions. Organizations and companies utilize this platform hence focusing and meeting their needs (Van Dijck 199-215). Therefore, to measure how learning is effective the platform provides detailed analytics and reporting.

World-class content

The digital courses in LinkedIn are facilitated by the industry experts who cover broad areas in business, technical and creative topics and the soft skills required in designing the principles to programming. Also, the platform is adding more courses in the and providing lessons to learners that they need to become current on issues (Van Dijck 199-215). The platform is known to offer classes in French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

Anywhere, anytime convenience

The course needs to be easy to enable learners to gain knowledge and skills easily without difficulties. LinkedIn learning breaks their courses into bite-sized segments which can be accessed anytime on a device while off or online (Van Dijck 199-215). People are helped in discovering the appropriate paths and the contents while using experiences.

LinkedIn Learning features

LinkedIn learning platform has more than 5000 courses which help individuals to have a variety when they make decisions on the path to undertake. The platform makes individuals complete, discover, and access the courses which are related to the people's interests and field. The courses in LinkedIn learning are equipped with assessments and exercise files (Gerard 866-897). Classes provided in this platform are interactive thus enabling the learner to understand what they are learning.

LinkedIn Learning functions

It is a platform which was designed for the business society. The platform provides full contents and platforms which make the learners come back and acquire more knowledge from the courses contained in LinkedIn. The recommendations at LinkedIn make the employees comfortable while accessing different topics from it. The platform also satisfies the learners' needs since it is personalized. LinkedIn Learning ensures individuals gain experience in using this platform (Gerard 866-897). LinkedIn identifies the jobs which are present at the job market hence providing skills to the interested learners so that they can acquire the position.

Capabilities of LinkedIn

The platform can build connections for the business jobs to the registered members making them acquire jobs which suit their skills. It can create a customer base making the clients and the sellers have a business platform they can transact (Gerard 866-897). LinkedIn has also been known for keeping individuals' job prospects available and accessible.

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