Law Essay Example: North Dakota's Restrictive Voting Law. Brett Kavanaugh/ Dr. Christine Blaisey Hearings

Published: 2022-09-09
Law Essay Example: North Dakota's Restrictive Voting Law. Brett Kavanaugh/ Dr. Christine Blaisey Hearings
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North Dakota's Restrictive Voting Law

North Dakota's restrictive voter ID law was passed by Republicans some few months to midterm elections that would determine control of Congress. The authority made it hard for people living within that state to express their freedom of choosing their leaders. The Republican legislatures gave excuses of fraud despite lack of evidence that fraud was a menace. The authorities supporting this law intended to prevent the people of North Dakota from having a say on people who represent them. This aggressive move came about in 2012 when a Democrat Senator "Heidi Heitkamp" won the elections after a narrow victory.

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Large numbers of Natives tend to vote Democratic. The Republican lawmakers enhanced laws that required a voter to come to a polling station with an ID that shows "street address from which someone is currently living" or similar documents that shows evidence of where you live. The aspect of colonization is so visible in this scenario because residents of North Dakota are openly denied the right to vote. Neocolonialism is also evident since the move will not be convenient to the Native Americans who mainly live in the rural reservations where they do not have street addresses. Moreover, most of the Native American tribes use P.O boxes. Thus, their IDs are listed with P.O box. They are also weak and homeless therefore lack support documentation like the bank statement. It is so unfair that the Supreme Court refused to uphold the law and people who go to the voting centers with a P.O box on their ID are turned away.

The other Americans are secluding the Native Americans due to their skin color. Almost 20% of them do not vote because they do not have the stipulated documents. The Republicans thus get an n advantage during elections since the Democrat candidate, who is supported by a vast majority of Native Americans will not get the much-needed support from his people giving a benefit to the Republican candidate. Thus, this can gain definition as pure racism because they even will not get the leader of their choice.

The Republicans are the majority in the Congress, and also, they have money and street addresses. Through this, they enhance rules do disadvantage the minority. The occurrence can gain definition as classism since the laws favor one side. The Congress should be diverse and have inclusivity among all classes of people and also races. If the North Dakota residents were well represented, they could not suffer the inequalities they are facing (Mann, 2018).

Brett Kavanaugh/ Dr. Christine Blaisey Hearings

Mr. Kavanaugh was a Supreme Court judge nominee when Ms. Ford, a psychology professor accused him of trying to rape her in a house party in 1982.they were both teenagers by the time and in high school. Kavanaugh, however, denied all the allegations stating that the incident had not occurred. Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas have been the United States Supreme Court nominee who has been accused of Sexual harassment. 27 years ago, Thomas was charged with sexual misconduct. On his hearing, he sat at a panel that had all white judges. Thomas was a black man thus all the tears he shed, and explanations he gave amounted to nothing, and he was forced to declare himself guilty by the white political system thus losing the golden chance of entry into the Supreme Court. In 2018, Kavanaugh was in the same shoes, but luckily, he was white and was supported by Trump's republicans thus winning the case. He accused Clinton's Democrats of character assassination. He succeeded after convincing the jury that he was a victim of the white populist. Comparing Thomas' and Kavanaugh's case, it is evident that there is racism and also the white male privilege.

Brett Kavanaugh was able to dismiss all the rape cases on his hunt for the high office. Rape culture is whereby sexual violence is normalized due to several aspects of sexuality and gender in our society. Kavanaugh was not right to his oath and always went ahead to make the female accuser inhuman. He created many plots to clean his name. There was patriarchy in the case where boys believe they never go wrong, and also white boys remain white boys. Regardless of the confessions by the accuser, Christine Bradley Ford, her allegations were thrown to the thin air with the Senate proving Kavanaugh as innocent.

Brett Kavanaugh all through remained Donald Trump's favorite man for the Supreme Court judge. Donald Trump stopped the FBI from investigating the rape accusation. He argued that the investigation should have been carried out immediately it happened. He also went to Twitter and defended Kavanaugh through a tweet when he stated that he is a good man with an admirable reputation and was suffering from a political rivalry. American News also supported a verdict that a man cannot be held accountable for previous mistakes. From this case, it is evident that men who belong to the big boys' club are always defended. Toxic Masculinity was primarily seen in the Kavanaugh/ Christine Ford hearing because most of the cases were answered by, this is what men do, or boys will always be boys. It is a statement supported by everyone as an excuse for criminal behavior. The explanations cleaned most of Kavanaugh's bad behavior which is often common in most men (De Vogue, Ariane, and Eli Watkins, 2018).


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