ISIS Analysis Essay Sample

Published: 2021-02-11
ISIS Analysis Essay Sample
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Before the attacks that were made in France, France was the only nation from Europe that had been working with the United States in attempts to fight terrorism, which had mostly hit Africa. France had cooperated and eventually emerged as the closest ally of the United States, across the Atlantic in terms of military. Over the past few years, ISIS has been recruiting smaller terrorist militants groups like the Al-Qaeda, the Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Al-Shabab in Kenya and Somalia. These groups have been killing thousands of innocent people through terrorist attacks. Surprisingly, after each and every attack, these malicious groups gladly take responsibility for their actions. They further give warning to the anti-terrorism units that they will not stop beheading innocent, lives if they will not be left alone. This is considered a challenge by the states involved. If the ISIS and their sub-malicious groups are left to take charge, then the entire world will turn into a war zone as they might take over. The ISIS is intimidated by those who are not of Islamic faith and want to ensure that anyone who has corrupted views against their faith is done away with. They want their Jihad to be all over the world so that they can be able to rule (Lister, 2015).

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There was conflict between the ISIS and France as they both had incompatible goals. France was against terrorism unlike ISIS. The United States sought more aid as they needed more military and resources to be able to fight the terror group. This was not taken lightly by ISIS as they planned massive attacks for France as they had interfered with the ISIS goals. The French had fired sixteen bombs to the target of ISIS in the Raqqa stronghold which hit one of their centers of command and a center of training. A coordinated series of terrorist attacks was launched by ISIS in Paris which left around a hundred and thirty people dead. This was aimed at teaching France a lesson to back away from the union they had formed against them together with the United States Government. There is a change in dynamic between the United States and France creating another dynamic between ISIS and France. France is now on the frontline against terrorism but the United States is afraid that a rush to a war of the terrorist attacks could likely go awry.

The attack in Paris is the recent, most tragic one that hit the entire world. Many attacks have been made by the terrorism group in many areas around the world. There is a larger conflict system involving the ISIS. When it comes to its opposing forces, ISIS which is of Islam is opposed by Zionism, in their own state. Both these groups are said to have the same characteristics as that of the Takfirism too. They have ideologies of exclusivism in regard to the different religions present. As much as ISIS criticizes against the non-Islam, the Takfirism also criticizes against their non-believers. The Zionism and ISIS do not only formulate and express their radical views; they have an ideology that destruction and negation of all who are against their beliefs. ISIS is not focused much on the countries which are attacking them but the allies that work with the countries against them are what give them their motivation to carry out more attacks. The perpetuation though was from NATO which was introduced into Syria from Turkey. Turkey has been used as a route for terrorist to go into Syria from around the world. The response towards these terrorism activities is currently growing against them. The United States has asked for help from Russia as the ISIS are said to have weapons of total mass destruction. After the attack on Paris, there has been urgent need for war against the ISIS in order to stop them from making other future attacks to innocent people (French et al, 2014).

The strategy of Thomas Kilmann on conflict is an inventory style which is actually a tool that is developed in order to measure the response of an individual towards conflict situations. Before the Thomas Kilmann strategy is implemented, the behavior of ISIS and the anti-terrorist have to be interpreted. In this case, the ISIS is assertive as they have that urge to satisfy their own concerns. The other is cooperativeness in which the other party tries to satisfy the concerns of others. In this case, both the parties are assertive. The only strategy that could work for the terrorist is competing. The anti-terrorism units cannot accommodate, collaborate or rather compromise with the terrorist. This will mean that the ISIS have won over their enemies and could turn the world upside down in attempts to force every non-believer to Islam. The only strategy is the competing strategy. The concerns of the anti-terrorists will be at the expenses of the terrorists, it means that they have to use all the means possible to stand up and fight for their rights defending a position where there is Freedom of Religion (Goodwin, 2007).


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