Introduction to Terrorism and Homeland Security, Essay Sample for Free

Published: 2022-02-14
Introduction to Terrorism and Homeland Security, Essay Sample for Free
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The purpose of homeland security is to protect America from terrorism, human-made, and natural hazards and also help it prevent, respond, and recover from these disasters. It is its priority to protect the country from terrorist attacks (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2019).

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The mission areas for homeland security includes preventing terrorism and increasing security, securing USA borders, enforcing and administering immigration laws, safeguarding and securing the cyberspace and ensuring the country recovers from other disasters (Oliver, Marion & Hill, 2014).

Homeland security works in partnership with other disciplines to be prepared to act before and after a disaster strikes. These disciplines work in unison with homeland security in response and recovery responsibilities. They include, such as law enforcement, health services, emergency medical services, emergency dispatch communications, fire service, public works, government administrative, and others (Purpura, 2007).

Emergency management is a discipline that works together with homeland security to prepare people to retort and to be active before, during, and after any local, statewide, or national emergency. Emergency management ensures that there are resources to deal with any disaster that arises to ensure that lives and property are saved before more damage is done. Emergency management has a responsibility to plan for emergencies and disasters employing the all-hazards method by having expert advisors and assessors of damage of all dangers. Emergency management ensures that there is proper and timely response in emergencies and also carries out recovery operations after a disaster (McEntire, 2018).

Homeland security should focus on all hazards, which include terrorism because other disasters such as those that are human-made and natural ones threaten the safety of Americans. Homeland security mission is to secure America from all dangers, and therefore, it should have a wide coverage to ensure that the country remains safe for all. Focusing on terrorism alone is not recommended since the department has many resources and expertise to deal with other issues that are of importance to the country. The Bible in Philippians 1:6 says, "For I am confident of this very thing, that He who started a good job in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." This verse applies to the role of homeland security, whereby God promises that its work will continue and help people till eternity.


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