Free Essay. Information Technology Center Building

Published: 2023-02-27
Free Essay. Information Technology Center Building
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The University of Hawaii Information Technology Center is a 74, 000 square-foot, six-story building (Architect, 2019). It has a unique design with exterior sun shading system which minimizes direct solar radiation, and horizontal light shelves which allow for high-quality daylighting. The building was constructed to house all enterprise information and communication technology systems. Inside the building, there is an 8,000 square foot Data Center, Emergency Situation Room, and the Information Technology Operations Center.

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Information Technology Center Building has one entry and an exit both on the south side of the building. With the stairway to your back, moving forward from Information Technology Center Building's main entrance leads you to a flower bed. A few meters on the left side of the building's main entrance is an open parking space. At the end of the building and just before the parking lot is a paved sidewalk running from North to South. You can use your cane to find the sidewalk at the end of the flower bed to the left. The northern side of the sidewalk leads you to McCarthy mall, while towards the right arm, the sidewalk crosses Correa road straight to Watanabe Hall.

Watanabe Hall

Watanabe Hall was named after the former local student, Kenichi Watanabe. It is a 37,000 square feet laboratory and classroom building that hosts teaching and research laboratories, classrooms, and student study rooms (University of Hawaii, 2019).

Once you start walking along the sidewalk from Information Technology Center Building towards Watanabe Hall before you cross the Correa road if you want to go towards Kuykendall Hall, follow Correa road to the right. If you want go towards University Health Services Manoa building, take Correa road to the left. Moving forward south along the sidewalk a few meters from Correa road is the Watanabe Hall. The building is on the left side of the sidewalk and has only one entrance. You can use your cane to find the stairway to the left just a few meters after crossing Correa road. On the right side, just opposite Watanabe hall is the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics building. After the Watanabe Hall along the sidewalk, there is a relatively large space with different species of trees that create a shadowed environment. On the right side, there are litter bins and some furniture, while on the left side is the Marine Sciences Building. Further down the path is the Pacific Ocean Science and Technology building.

Pacific Ocean Science and Technology

Pacific Ocean Science and Technology building is an 8-story low-rise building constructed between 1993 and 1997 (Emporis, 2019). It is designed with large sun-shading windows that prevent the effect of direct sunlight. The building hosts the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology and is dedicated to general research and teaching students of different sciences.

Moving forward from Watanabe Hall right after the space between Marine Sciences Building and the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics, take the paved path on the left. If you want to go towards Sakamaki Hall, take the paved path to the right. If you want to go towards the gap between Pacific Ocean Science and Technology and Marine Science Building, use your cane to find the grass on the left-hand side of the paved sidewalk. Further down the sidewalk to the left is a parking lot and the building's eastern entrance.


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