Essay Sample on Consultancy Firms and College Athletics

Published: 2022-06-28
Essay Sample on Consultancy Firms and College Athletics
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Advanced institutions incorporate consultancy firms to help in making decisions about their college sports that include the appointment of athletic administrators and guiding the new appointee on ways to perfect the college athletics. Consultancy firms make suggestions by researching the ground that helps in making such decisions. As much as the athletic administrators and the institutions avoid liability through the consulting firms, their prevalence of is leading to undesired effects on college athletics.

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The Bad Side of Consulting Firms on Athletics

For starters, consultancy firms are a burden to the finances of the college contrary to what they advocate for. They pose strains on funds which would otherwise be implemented in bettering athletic activities in colleges through setting up of facilities used by the athletes. Moreover, the recommendations made by these firms to cut athlete teams is a significant blow to the overall performance of the institution. This is since young and energetic athletes are denied the chance to grow their talent and discover their potential. Furthermore, advocating that some teams be cut off to fund priority teams is a significant setback for other athletes as the performance of a team should not be gauged with the funding. Consultation firms prioritize the teams that attract donors and sponsors, therefore, using the young athletes to the advantage of the institution as opposed to growing talent. Thus, the sole purpose of consultation firms involving in college athletics is monetary and not pertinent to bettering the abilities of athletes and making institutions game life worthwhile.

Rehiring a Consultation Firm

Thus, hiring consultation firms is noxious on college athletics. However, these firms have predominated as more colleges are engaging them in a bid to enhance an institution's athletics. Not only do the firms advocate the election of some inept individuals, but also those instructors that will pay back the favor by appointing the firm's other chances of aiding in making decisions about the athletics. To prevent this occurrence of consultation firms appointing an athletic administrator who will, in turn, consider the same firm for further deliberation, it is advisable to use a different firm from the one consulted in the selection of an administrator. Additionally, hiring a different firm will expose the institution's athlete to more and different possibilities that help in maintaining the talents and progressing the athletics department. Thereby, re-hiring a consulting firm should be considered on the basis of performance and ties between the selected administrator and the firm.

Moving Forward With the Same Firm

If a firm proves its competency through the selection of proficient athletic administrator, rehiring the firm should be considered. If there were no biases involved in the selection rehiring the firm will not affect decision making as the administrator and the firm are neutral with no ties involved. Therefore, making changes and developments on the athletic teams depend on the competency of the two parties involved. Besides, the lack of relations will give the institution's panel bestowed with athletics decision making free of corruption from greedy consultation firms.


Consultation firms do a tremendous job in college athletics mainly as they seem to be doing the critical role of an athletics administrator. The strong reliability has led to their prevalence leading to founding of incompetent firms. Therefore, the hiring of consultation forms should be an exercise approached with caution.

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