Impacts of Immigration and Bill Clinton's Scandals in America

Published: 2019-05-21
Impacts of Immigration and Bill Clinton's Scandals in America
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During his serving term as a president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton was involved in a lot of scandals. Among other scandals, Bill Clinton was accused of sexual misconduct in the white house. The 49-year-old president was accused of having extra-marital affairs with a 22-year-old worker Monica Lewinsky at the White House (Entman, 2012). Bill Clinton was also charged with other scandals such as White House FBI files controversy scandal, Whitewater scandal and White House travel office controversy. These scandals led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998, and he was later charged with obstruction of justice and perjury.

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Bill Clinton scandals adversely affected America politically and also the coverage of information by media. Media was criticized for over coverage of Clintons involvement in a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. The scandals widened the gap between Washington and people of America forming a negative picture to the public towards the people leading countrys major institution (David & Dan 1999). The reputation of Bill Clinton was lost, and the members of Congress Party suffered too. The coverage of the media and the information also released was limited so as to minimize the rampant effects that the country could eventually experience from the scandals. The public was affected in that it lost its trust towards the government. Also, the manner in which this issue was handled was taking so much time frustrating the public because a lot of focus was concentrated on Clintons scandals rather than the public interest.

According to Census Bureau of United States between 1990 and 2000, US experienced the highest number of immigrants ever. By 2000, there were 28.4 million immigrants; an increase of 43% from the population of immigrants in 1990. Most of the immigrations were made illegally, and it happens that they occurred during the ruling of President Bill Clinton.

The immigrants both legal and illegal contributed to a population growth of 70% of US population in 2000 as 6.4 million children were born. Also, the number of people living in United States who did not have high school education rose to 30% of the US population (Camarota, 2001). Poverty also increased in the same proportion with the immigrants suffering the most. The social impacts of immigration exacerbated during this period as racism increased more than ever before because the natives were protecting their opportunities from being grabbed by the Hispanics and blacks. In 1992, there were race riots in Los Angeles after police officers beat a black man Rodney King (Camarota, 2001). Cases of Blacks and Hispanics being brutally treated by the police escalated as a result. The police had adopted a policy of stopping black or Hispanic motorist; a discrimination practice that adversely affected economic growth.

These two incidences: Bill Clintons scandals and Immigration in America are common in that they occurred during the ruling of President Bill Clinton. They also disrupted the normal running of American society and economy although in different ways. Bill Clintons scandals mostly affected the economical and political arenas while the issue of immigration touched on economical and social fields. The political party that supported Bill Clinton suffered adversely as its members feared losing during the next elections. The economy of America was affected because a lot of focus was put on morals of Clinton, and very little was done in public interest. Conversely, immigration escalated racism in America as the natives tried to protect their jobs. It also affected the economy of American in that the resources that the government had planned were not adequate to cater for unexpected population growth. Hence poverty, insecurity and poor health increased in United States.


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