Essay sample: Impact of Immigrants Ban on Businesses and Consumers

Published: 2022-10-27
Essay sample: Impact of Immigrants Ban on Businesses and Consumers
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Migrants' workers have brought traditionally exceptional and harmonizing skills and knowledge of ideas and process within the workplace. In some cases, they have upgraded the skills of their colleagues resulting in enhancements in innovation and process and securing a fresh job for their employers. These changes have resulted in both enhanced productivity and business expansion. Employers value the extensiveness of language skills migrants bring, but equally the value of diverse labor force with an international outlook, which can recognize opportunities and novel openings. Substantial benefits come in where immigrants helped in the expansion of the business by sharing ideas and connection to fresh global markets, client and supplier relationship. A complete ban on immigrants workers entails that businesses will no longer be able to enjoy these benefits and will struggle in operating without these immigrants workers. This essay will look at the impacts of a complete ban on immigrants to the business and consumers in regard to the UK.

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The benefits that immigrant workers bring on the economy in the UK is great and having a complete ban on these immigrant workers will result in more negative impacts than benefits itself. While the proponents of these bans believe that it will bring tremendous benefits to the consumer and businesses in the UK, they have failed to appreciate the positive impacts created by migrant workers as well. A complete ban on immigrant workers will impact the businesses and consumer in numerous ways both positive and negative. Some of these ways will include the following.

Lack of skilled manpower: the effects of qualifications, experience, and training that immigrant workers bring are numerous. The business in the UK have enjoyed skills brought by immigrant workers and they have been recognized as a major factor in driving their impact on business productivity. These skills held by immigrants include some particular experience and expertise drawn from different roles together with academic or vocational training in specific subject areas (Cavusgil, Knight and Riesenberger). These skills impact the business in two major ways: Filling of the skills shortage or gap in the labor market and provision of skills which are added to the core needed for their role by migrants' workers. A total complete ban will entail that business will have an adequate shortage of skilled employee and this will eventually impact negatively on business productivity.

Also worth noting is that skills held by immigrant employees allow business in expanding its workforce, fulfill current contracts and also employ additional employees. The large talent pool is vital in increasing the quality of workers. There are businesses that benefit more from these immigrant skills. These benefits include winning of fresh businesses and enhanced performance from staffs. Nevertheless, some business has reported that migrants' higher skills bring tension within the workers. Whereas complete ban of immigrant would solve this issue, the benefits of having these skilled immigrants' employees far outweigh these demerits. The quality of workers is going to be completely compromised by the ban on immigrants. Many businesses will not be able to have a large pool of skilled workers to choose from thus not able to get quality workers. Employee performance would not equally be guaranteed considering lack of large talent pool in the labor market. Nevertheless, not all immigrant workers fitted well in some specific jobs that required strong communication skills. Those applicants from the native UK were better placed in this kind of jobs as opposed to immigrant workers from other nations. Hence, a complete ban on immigrant workers would entail that only native workers would be employed in these jobs. This would thus entail enhanced performance and high productivity in these type of businesses.

Lack of innovation: Complete ban on immigrant workers will affect the level and quality of innovation within the country. Immigrant employees impact on businesses production of new products, approaches or products. Immigrant workers facilitate innovation in businesses in three major ways. First, immigrants working in businesses where innovation is fundamental to their job. Second, where immigrants in their individual capacity contribute an idea that produces new solutions and products. Thirdly, where immigrants working in diverse teams that rely on their particular contributions. In all these instances, innovation relies on knowledge sharing and skills set. A complete ban on these immigrant workers would mean that the level and quality of innovation would be compromised due to the lack of a diverse pool of individual workers that can contribute to required skills sets and knowledge.

Business with employees with diverse and divergent perspectives working together are able to develop ideal ideas and solutions for the business. This type of innovation is less tangible as opposed to the contribution of particular migrant or where it is the major aim of the business. Completely restricting immigrant workers would entail that business has no or less diverse workforce hence making it difficult to establish solutions and ideas for the business. This will translate in low-quality products, less innovative solutions and products that are not able to compete favorably in the market. In long run, the business will be less productive and performance would decline.

Lack of knowledge transfer: Immigrants exchange, share and diffuse knowledge within the business and completely banning them would mean lack of it in the businesses and consumers. Knowledge transfer entails the use of immigrant knowledge by a business or being directly used by the migrant to their work. Knowledge sharing impacts on business both directly, via the upgrading of skills of co-employees and expanding of the business's knowledge base. It can also be by forming the base for and acting as an enabler of other major impacts like innovation, training, and linkages. Knowledge transfer by immigrants occurs in two major ways. First, transferring knowledge regarding particular products or processes from another set as matching skills get utilized and passed on. Secondly, through sharing diverse opinions and perspectives with fellow workers (Castro and Warwick). When a complete ban on immigrant workers in executed, there will be few workers to share and learn from. The knowledge base will be inadequate as only workers from within the country will be working in the businesses. Generation of ideas and opinions regarding a particular process or product will be minimal as there would be a limited set of skilled employees to share from.

In a creative world within a global market that demand global players, migrants workers bring specialists experience and knowledge that helps them in creating novel processes and provide a different way of approaching an issue or problem. This not only translates some practices and sharing of knowledge with fellow employees but equally establishes process efficiencies that save cost and time to the business. Completely banning immigrant workers would mean that there would be less or no specialist knowledge and experience that would be vital in developing the novel processes as well as the provision of different strategies of approaching problems. There will also be less process efficiency and hence less time and cost will be saved by the business.

Lack of adequate and continuous training: Immigrants impacts on training and provision greatly impact the business and its employees. Where there is a complete ban on migrant workers, there shall be no or less on-job training need on employees. These will greatly hamper their skills and experience in performing certain tasks. These training can be in two ways. Where migrants offer training to fellow workers and where migrants need different training level to UK co-employees. The benefits of migrant workers offering training to fellow co-workers and where structures are put in place to enable such training are numerous. The migrants upgrade the skills of fellow employees and reduce the need to send workers on external training. This, in turn, results in financial benefits to the business in terms of cost saving. Effecting a complete ban of migrant workers would entail lack of training from migrant workers to upgrade the skills of fellow team members. The business would thus need to send employees on external training thus incurring extra cost.

Where immigrant workers receive additional or different training, it is basically to enhance their communication skills and specifically English language skills or to solve communication or cultural awareness issues (Development). Although this training comes at a cost for the business, the benefits that these migrant workers will bring to the business far outweigh these cost. When the complete ban on an immigrant is effected, the business will not incur an additional cost of training migrant workers on language skill and solve communication and cultural awareness. The businesses would save on cost that is incurred in offering these training to these immigrant workers.

Lack of migrant connection to global markets: Where a complete ban on immigrant workers is effected, the business will suffer a lack of connection to global markets and local networks. Immigrants local and international linkages are highly valued by the business due to many and diverse impacts they bring about. Whereas these are mostly as a result of present workers, migrants who are former workers also create networks and facilitate the growth and expansion of the business. In this instances, migrants' contribution to the business contains long lasting effect which counters some of the demerits of high employee turnover. These impacts are most vital to business growth and are emphasized as special to immigrants own qualities. Expansion into fresh markets through the knowledge and contacts of immigrants has transformed businesses' whole outlook and offering.

Improved customer relationships results to directly novel or repeat businesses, which increases profits. Likewise, Using UK linkages, migrants play a crucial role in assisting local businesses to engage in fresh target markets or to fulfill their recruitment requirements. Many businesses feel that they cannot recognize or capitalize on these opportunities without the engagement or assistance of migrant's exceptional access through their people, knowledge, or language skills. These impacts range from supporting the growth and expansion of the business into new overseas markets; solidifying current and establishing fresh clients and customers relationship in the present market overseas and lastly assisting with business activities and hiring using domestic linkages with the UK. Implementing a complete ban on immigrant workers would greatly affect the international connection of these businesses. Growth and expansion of these businesses into the overseas market will be difficult as there will be less or no contacts with people on those markets. Fulfilling of businesses recruitment needs will prove to be complex as the business will only be limited to local employees. Lastly, the businesses will find it difficult in solidifying current and creating fresh clients and customers' relationship in the present market overseas.

Whereas they are numerous negative impacts that can be attributed to a complete ban on immigrant workers, there exist some benefits regarding the same. The proponents of the complete ban on immigrant workers believe that it is for the better good of the country in long run.

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