Essay Sample on the Immigration in the United States of America Today

Published: 2022-05-27
Essay Sample on the Immigration in the United States of America Today
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There has been immigration a considerable phenomenon in-migration into the United States mostly witnessed during the period when President Obama was in office. The number has reduced drastically during the President Trump's Administration due to the laws he has put into place to reduce the number of migrants into the United States. The immigrants and refugees provide labor and tax to the government of the United States and hence increase the growth of the economy of the United States. There have been legislative reforms on the U.S immigration system to provide unauthorized immigrants in the United States with a path to citizenship. The reduction of the immigrants into the United States is to what Trump's administration states are the national's security concerns and the restriction of business interests on the legal migrants. Also, there is the issue of DACA program which was rolled back and the building of the U.S-Mexico wall to prevent unauthorized migrants to the U.S from Mexico. The issue of refugees from Syria is a vital factor as there has been a reduction as Trumps perceive them as the ISIS moles.

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Trump's Administration had the policy to cut down on the unauthorized migrants into the United States, and there is a debate on where or not to cut down the legal migrants into the U.S.A. this is mainly related to the restriction of on the businesses interest on the legal migrants. Trump is not bothered by the legal immigrant's perception of the American Dream as it to some of the Republican politicians who support this policy. Also, the issue of immigration from Mexico has made President Trump come up with a policy of building a wall between the United States and the Mexico border to prevent unauthorized Mexicans migrants into the United States. Trumps see the illegal border immigrants to be the legal refugees who are associated to the ISIS, which he calls the ISIS moles (Huber, 2016). The security of the U.S and their businesses is what President Trump is trying to protect by ensuring that there are no illegal immigrants into the U.S. the additional measures put to check the Muslim immigrants clearly shows that they are a security concern according to President Trump.

There have been many policies recently related to the Trump administration whereby in December 2015 there was a proposal of "Muslim ban" in response to the terror attack in 2017. This is to ensure and to prevent the terrorists from entering the United States according to President Trump. Therefore it is to prevent those paths that terrorists used in the past to gain entrance into the United States. Consequently, this has seen a reduction in some refugees. For instance this year the U.S has only accepted 11 refugees from Syria thus showing how serious President Trump on the immigrants was moving into the United States. Thus, president Trump gained criticism from the humanitarian organizations challenging how he is committed to the Syrian civilians who are seeking protection and refugee in the United States. Also, President Trump has reduced the number of annual Caps that is involved with the refugees from anywhere in the world to 45,000 which symbolizes that he does not want to support those people fleeing aggression from their home country to seek protection of another country.

There has been a reduction of immigrants gradually from 2016 during the end of Barrack Obama's presidency up to date. According to the State Department, in 2016, during Obama's presidency it resettled 15, 479 refugees from Syria by the figures dropped significantly during Trump's administration where only 3, 024 refugees from Syria were accepted into the United States. Thus the words, actions, and policies of Trump are being witnessed now. This clearly shows that President Trump has closed the door of refugees into the United States and mostly it is the Syrian refugees into the United States. The Muslim refugees go through additional vetting measures due to what is perceived by President Trump as the ISIS moles of the United States. The Trump Administration says that these stringent measures are put in place due to the security concerns of the country.

Trumps administration has seen more policies initiated to ensure that there are restrictions on the immigrants into the country and hence the adoption of legal immigration policies. Rolling back of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2017 under Trump has been among the policies the Trump Administration that Trump wanted to roll out. The Democrats who maintained on clean DREAM Act after the DACA had been hanging on Republicans for a long period supported this. President Trump was focused on the DREAMers protection in which he maintained that it should come with a wall and this was mainly seen on his wall on Twitter. He also insisted on the elimination of the diversity visa lottery therefore it just meant that it was a restriction of the family-based immigrants to the United States. A judge blocked the Trumps policy of ending the Obama program that protected the children who were brought to America illegally by their parents from being deported back to their home country. This is after Trump tried to roll out the DACA program and the court ruled that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program be maintained due to its nationwide basis in the country. This program ensured that 800, 000 immigrants in the U.S were able to learn and work with no fear in the country, which was approved in 2012 by President Barrack Obama (Krogstad, 2017).

Trump also wants U.S -Mexico border wall to be constructed and he insists that the Mexican government will cater for the cost of construction of the wall. It is due to the high number of unauthorized immigrants into the U.S from Mexico and most who are bringing illegal drugs in the country. Thus, the construction of the wall will lead to the reduction of unauthorized immigrants in the U.S and combat illicit drugs are transported to the United States. This will keep out migrants from Mexico. It is also a way to stop crime in the United States that is brought in by the unauthorized migrants from Mexico. There has been a problem of drug dealers importing drugs into the United States, and they operate as illegal immigrants in the U.S from creating a security concern from the authority. Mexican are seen to be having the highest number of unauthorized immigrants in the United States and hence leading to high level of crimes in the country. Also, the policy on mass deportation is more targeted on the Mexicans due to the large number of them in the country (Golash-Boza, 2013). The United States-Mexico wall is seen to be costly, but Trump maintains that Mexico will pay for it either indirectly through the increase of tax on their imports.

There are policies that Trump administration is embracing regarding immigration like Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act in August 2017. The policy is initiated to reduce the number of legal immigrants who seek to immigrate to the United States hence there is halving the number of green cards that are issued out to them. This will see a cap introduced to reduce the visa diversity lottery in the United States. This policy when put in place will the reduction of jobs in the United States thus leading to a decrease in the GDP due to the current laws that are being put into place. Also, there is the policy of mass deportation according to Trump for the undocumented immigrants in the United States. The people who will be affected by this policy which Trump campaigned on are those people who have overstayed visas and those people who have committed major crimes in the states. Trump hardened his stance on the "Deportation Force" policy whereby he insisted that those individuals who have entered into the United States illegally are subject to deportation and they will not be spared (Warren, 2017). He also proposed that he will make it more difficult for those who are seeking asylum in the United States and even the refugees to enter the United States will be hard. Moreover, he proposed that he will make the ex-Verify system compulsory for the employers.

Trump has so far signed the Executive order titled "Protecting the Nation From Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals" in January 2017. It made a lot of citizens from Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Iraq and Yemen being suspended from entering the United States. Also, those who were on their way to the United States were stopped and detained from entering the United States. This restriction of aliens or immigrants to the United States was deemed as appropriate for the interest of the Americans. There has been an increase in immigration enforcement in the United States under president Trump. For example previously under Obama administration immigrant ruled removable was considered and it was a priority before they were deported if they have committed a serious crime. But under Trump administration, the immigrant can be regarded as a priority and be removed or deported if even he or she has been convicted of a minor crime or also if he is accused of committing the crime he can be deported.

Over the years the number of foreign-born in the United States has increased gradually up to 2016. This model is seen to reduce due to the policies that are being put in place by the Trump administration. There have been temporary visas being issued to the visitors, temporary workers and students to the United States thus increasing the number of immigrants into the country. In 2013, there was a large number of refugees being admitted and resettled in the United States. Most of them coming from Iraq and also a large number of asylum seekers being granted asylum in the United States mainly from China (Hagan, 2011).There has been an increase U.S border surveillance over the years mostly technology surveillance in the United States border to monitor immigrants into the United States. It is an effort to ensure that unauthorized immigrants have been prevented from gaining entry into the United States.

In the recent years, the Department of Homeland Security has been more effective regarding ensuring border security. It is an attempt to measure the number of immigrants entering the United States. The United States government, therefore, uses spends more on the immigration enforcement laws. During President Obama tenure, there was deportation of 2.7 million people under the Priority Enforcement Program (PEP). During the Trump tenure there been more laws on the immigration into the U.S hence the main aim is to reduce U.S immigration. Trump wants to protect the immigrants have taken the jobs of the Americans that he perceives. His policies also are concerned about the national security of the country hence be able to secure American citizens and reduce crime in America. The policy on mass deportation is to reduce the number of immigrants in the U.S.


Despite the positive benefits that the immigrants have brought to the United States over the previous years regarding the economic growth, the Trump administration threaten their move through more restriction policies. The increased immigration enforcement imposes fiscal costs on the taxpayers and also the immigrants themselves. Also, the deportations and stepping up of detentions laws will result in the breaking of families and hence place them vulnerable to domestic violence and sexual assault in the United States. The mass deportation of the unauthorized workers and the removal of the unauthorized immigrants from the workforce will result to decline in GDP and also would create losses in the income.


Golash-Boza, T., & Hondagneu-Sotelo, P. (2013). Latino immigrant men and the deportation crisis: A gendered rac...

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