Genre Reflective Essay

Published: 2022-12-16
Genre Reflective Essay
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In my course, I learned various concepts that are essential and beneficial in my future reading. The ideas which I have come across include rhetorical, peer reviewing, understanding themes and thesis to follow when reading a book in the short story. In the entire leaning process, I have improved significantly from a mere reading to learning for understanding. I am now capable of conceptualise the idea in the short story and identify themes which are mainly addressed in the book. When I began this course, I had a problem of reading and understanding what the book is about, and I could not also identify significant themes of the book. I would only read different books, and I would hardly talk about what they are talking about. There are some of my classmates that take only five minutes reading a book and link all the concepts together at once. When reading a short story, I feel I am making several hours to complete one copy although I have good command in the English language. Understanding all the information and concepts read from the book is a big challenge

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I heard about the book last year, and I have never read it in my life. I felt impressed with the book because the book had information which I have never known. The author of the book uses interesting words and figurative language that kept me interested in the story throughout my reading. From reading the book, I could learn several things which I have never known to use in English. There are several examples of a figure of speech that the author used when writing this book. The author used similes, metaphor, irony and even personification to make the story exciting and compare one information to the next. The author also used it to elicit emotion and also to ensure that readers develop mental images and draw readers into the story. Similes spark my imagination and interest the most from the book. The author uses similes to compare the qualities of characters within the text. There is only one character that engages my sympathy. I do not have sympathy with any character in the book even though I disagree with some of them in one way or the other.

The book has relevance in my life as it talks about real life. The relationship between the book I am reading with other books I have read is very few. All the short stories I have ever read uses the same style and format of writing except theme which is always different from one book to the other. There is also a close connection from what I read everyday life. The book highlights what I ever see or observe happening in the local community, and therefore it teaches us about how to handle social issues in the society. The only question I have when reading the short story is how to overcome family conflict. The plot of this book is perfect as it starts with an excellent introduction that reflect what the book intends to reveal. From the opening the reader can predict what the author wanted to discuss in the book. I, therefore, wish to ask the author how best I can develop the best plot of the book without difficulties. When reading the book, there are very many new things that I came across. From the book, I learned that humour is a perfect figurative language that makes the story more interesting. I, therefore, began to know that I do not understand how to add fun in my writing. For that matter, I believe that one can also learn from other authors by going through their text. It is tough to predict what is going to happen next after reading the book because the book leaves readers in suspense so that they can predict what would happen in future. The most memorable part of the story is when there is a conflict between the authors. I learned from it that the best way to reach an agreement is to listen to one another.

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