Judgmental Language Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-06
Judgmental Language Essay Sample
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Judgmental language is defined as a subset of fallacies. It involves compromising, insulting and pejorative language to influence the judgment of the recipient. A fallacy is the use of faulty or invalid reasoning or wrong moves in the course of an argument. Also, a fallacious row may appear deceiving by acting to be a little bit better than it is. (Fink, 2017) It should be understood that fallacies are made deliberately to take advantage of a situation or to persuade through deception while others are incurred unintentionally as a result of carelessness or ignorance. Judgment is the process of deciding the evaluation of evidence. The various elements of judgmental language include;

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Refers to the arrangement of items whereby the items are shown as being either above, below and or at the same level as one another. It can link entities directly or indirect and vertically or diagonally.

Example: An example is the organization hierarchy where the general manager in an organization guides other departmental managers in the. For instance, "Mr. Thomson, make sure that the tasks I assigned you do handle is done to the expectations of the company, and completed within the time frame given".

Application: It is applied when general manager applies their authority over juniors in the organization (Fink, 2017). The authority in this case can come through issues such as delegation of tasks.

Arbitrary standards

The next element is arbitrary standards which happen when a person who holds authority sets undesirable rule or standard not based on practicality. They stick to it even when they are pretty aware that it is not the best way and it is merely a show of their power. It is an arbitrary standard just because it is not based on what is practical or efficient. (Yildirim et al. 2009)

Example: The example of this element could be a CEO who comes up with a rule that is impractical and does the company no good, but sticks to his words because he heads of the company.

Application: This could be applied in the case of whereby the manager uses the micromanagement in a company setting. The strategies used may be impractical and unfit for that kind of workplace nut the manager may still use it to manage his people.

Resource control

The next element is the resource control that deals with allocating the resources of a system in a controlled way. An example is the control of the share of bandwidth to the community. The application of this element will be if the system's operator distributes the network in a skewed manner only because he holds the distribution rights. Maintaining hierarchy is another element of judgmental language which can be applied in organization whereby those in authorities continuously exerts their power even when they are pretty aware that their impractical rules are undesirable. (Yildirim et al. 2009).

In the movie, the mean girl, the mean character of the girls are displayed in regard to the resource allocation. In one scene, Cady becomes attracted to Regina's ex-boyfriend, Samuels. The jealous Regina proceeds to steal back while Halloween party by kissing him openly in front of the Cady. Cady eventually plans to cut of Regina's "resources" and this entails causing both Regina and Samuels to break up.


Lastly, acts of superiority sum up the elements of judgmental languages. It is defined as the responsibility for the omission to act.

For example, a superior person can be held responsible for a criminal act under a situation where despite knowledge on the crimes committed by the juniors in a workplace, he fails to prevent and or punish such crimes (Kovach et al. 2014).

Application: This language can be applied in the situation whereby an individual in a managerial position views himself as superior than his colleagues and ends up using any language to address them.


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