Immigrants: An Integral Part of America's Diversity - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-15
Immigrants: An Integral Part of America's Diversity - Essay Sample
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Over time, immigrants continue to integrate successfully and form part of America's rich diversity. Immigration is not new; it goes back to immediately after the civil war. After the civil war, America witnessed enormous growth of its industries and the railway systems. Improved transport systems enhanced by an excellent railway system result in the opening up of remote areas in the U.S. and increased immigration. Industrial transformation in the U.S. introduced a new class of middle-class workers and white-collar jobs. Many immigrants moved to the U.S., hoping to secure the white-collar opportunities and better their lives. Immigration has done a lot to the U.S.; it has enriched the nation's culture, increased productivity, and created more economic opportunities. Immigrants not only accrue the benefits, but they contribute significantly to America as well. This paper explores how immigrant labor was beneficial to the U.S.

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Immigrants labor helped the U.S. to increase economic output. Increased immigration helped the U.S. to have an adequate pool of labor to participate in the production process. In the 1800s, many laborers from nations such as Germany, Ireland, and England migrated to U.S (Sherman et al., 2019). The industries in the U.S. could get the adequate provision of labor, and this facilitated their growth. The industries could get all the kind of skills required ranging from semi to unskilled sets. The government could also accrue more revenue from taxation applied to the immigrant workers. The government could generate more revenue considering that the number of people subjected to taxation rose enormously with the introduction of immigrants' workforce. Workers could pay income tax and national insurance increasing the state's income generation. The U.S. industries could produce more contributing to the massive growth of the economy.

Immigrants were more flexible in the labor market. Immigration enabled the U.S. to acquire people who could adapt to challenging conditions. Immigrants participated in unskilled labor that helped significantly shape the U.S. The immigrants took positions that natives could consider as the last resort (Sherman et al., 2019). For instance, they participated in developing infrastructure such as railroad systems and canals. Immigrants participated in hard jobs that the natives were unwilling to take. They came looking for jobs, and they could take any because they felt that was the best chance to turn their lives around. The world war left many immigrants in bad shape; moving to the U.S. was an excellent opportunity to start a new life.

Immigrants workforce has been crucial in filling the positions left by the aging population. U.S. has been experiencing a significant problem with its working-age bracket (Sherman et al., 2019). America experiences a situation of an aging population. Immigrants have played a vital role in bridging the gap by providing the missing skillsets. Economic development requires an active working population. Immigrants ensure that the U.S. population is well-balanced and provides skills that an aging population cannot offer. Many western countries face the problem of the aging population because their birth rates are low. Immigration helps add fresh energy into the U.S. workforce, and this has enabled the country to maintain excellent performance in terms of its economy.

Immigrants were crucial in filling the undesired job vacancies. Many native Americans could not take some jobs because of their low status or their poor wages. Immigration provided the U.S. with a wide range of workforce to work in fields deemed as low (Sherman et al., 2019). For instance, many natives could not work in plantations. The landowners relied on immigrants' labor to run their farms. The laborers were also flexible enough to even work during odd hours. It was challenging to get natives who would be willing to work under such extreme conditions.

Immigrants have contributed to entrepreneurship and innovation. Immigrants are more likely to start businesses compared to the natives. In 2016, for companies valued more than $1 billion, half were started by immigrants (Sherman et al., 2019). In 2018, 21% of self-employed American citizens were immigrants (Sherman et al., 2019). Immigrants try to look for survival mechanisms away from their motherlands; in the process, they develop excellent business ideas to make sure that they stay afloat. Immigrants participate in generating new ideas, products, and services. They are always eager to optimize on forthcoming opportunities. In Silicon Valley, a large percentage of innovation technology companies are owned by foreign-born individuals (Sherman et al., 2019). Immigrants have helped U. S get some of the missing skills; in the process, they not only help themselves but also help the nation progress.

Immigrants have also helped specific sectors grow, for instance, the housing industry. The slow population growth rate for the native Americans implies that the housing industry has to rely on immigrants to generate revenue. In the 1970s, immigrants contributed to the household growth rate by 8.7 (Sherman et al., 2019). In the 1980s, the growth rate was 15.7%; consequently, in the 1990s, the number of households' growth rose to 31.9% (Sherman et al., 2019). The housing sector has been experiencing some positive growth because of increased immigration. Immigrants expands marketss for the majority of the U.S. industries.

In a nutshell, immigrants' labor has contributed significantly to the growth of the U.S. economy. Immigrants have helped the U.S. to increase their economic outcomes by offering labor. Immigrants are so flexible; they can easily fit in any job sector regardless of job status or remuneration levels. U.S. experiences an aging population immigrants have been able to fill the positions and ensure that they have the right muscle needed to develop. A lot of economic prowess the U.S. is experiencing now is attributed to the immigrants' innovative nature and hard work. People hold different opinions about the idea of immigration, some feel that the U.S. should be stricter, and others think the U.S. needs to relax its rules. The immigrants' contributions are enormous; it would be inappropriate to cut them out, considering that they are so vital to America's economy. Both sides stand to benefit; hence the U.S. should be considerate when imposing immigration policies.


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