Essay Example on Homeland Security: Preventing and Protecting Against Terrorist Attacks

Published: 2023-01-12
Essay Example on Homeland Security: Preventing and Protecting Against Terrorist Attacks
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This paper will address ways of preventing and protecting the homeland from attacks from terrorists. The discussion will major on the legislative used in combating this attacks, challenges that are faced by the intelligence community, roles played by the borders in protecting the homeland also mitigation strategies for protection and prevention of terrorism (Chipley, 2003). There are different legislative that can be implemented to curb terrorist attacks which include analysing the financers of the terrorists also using military force to fight terrorism.

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The attacks of terrorists have a high investment value since for any terrorist attack to be successful they must be in a position to have weapons which most of them are very expensive to purchase. The sources of these funds may be illicit or licit (Puar, & Rai, 2002). The funds that support the terrorists should be stemmed. The financers of a terrorist should be asked to suppress this financing and also freeze the assets of people who fund these attacks. The intelligence community is faced with the challenge of not being able to predict or know the next terrorist attack since it is required to infiltrate the cell when dealing with Jihadists which is very difficult.

Use of military force to attack the terrorist is another legislative way to combat terrorism. The military force can be used to rescue victims of these attacks thus saving the number of the affected people. Also, the force can be used in striking the foreign countries that plan terrorist attacks (Combs, 2017). The basic strategies are having negotiations with terrorist groups, strengthening decentralisation, removal of the military force from camps of terrorists, reduction in incentives in entering attacker's cohorts and decrease in the attention of the media (Tams, 2009). Non -structural strategies to curb terrorism entail interrogation of terrorists, delineation of casual factors and implementation of elements which ensures equity, campaigns on human security to be conducted, citizens to be reporting any suspicious person or objects to the authority and also educating the citizen on first aid measures in case of an attack.


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