The Security Problem Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-14
The Security Problem Essay Sample
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Currently, there has been an increase in shooting cases and other types of violence in the places of worship. There are approximately two to three incidences of church shooting annually from approximately 330000 congregations in the united states (Bennett et al. 2012). According to reports from the Christian security network, every week comes with a number of other violent activities in places of worship such as arsons, theft, and burglaries (Carcara, 2009). For example, in the year 2011, there were approximately seven thefts, nineteen burglaries, and two arson cases reported every week in different churches across the united states(Carcara, 2009). The fatal shootings and other violent activities in church occur due to various reasons, for example, a certain individual being angry at a specific pastor or due to the existence of a personal conflict between certain congregation members.

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Who is affected?

The increased cases of shooting and other kinds of violent activities usually affect different people. For example, the members of the worship center and the surrounding communities. In case of a shooting incidence in a church, the members of the worship center are affected in that, they suffer the loss of their church members, and they also tend to experience trauma as a result of experiencing the incidence. In case of other violent activities such as arsons and theft, the members of the worship center also experience loss of properties. Considering that a large percentage of the church members are from the surrounding community, in case of any shooting or violence in the worship centers, the community suffers due to the loss of their fellow community members some of whom are close friends or even relatives.

Conflicting perspectives in the target environment about the extent of the problem

There are usually conflicting perspectives on the extent of the existing problem. Some individuals particularly the government administrators tend to disagree that the problem of shooting in worship centers is much serious. Therefore the usually disagree on the most appropriate method to be used to ensure security in the worship centers and the safety of the worshipers. Those who view the problem as serious usually advocate that specific members of the congregation should be allowed to be armed weapons such as guns so that in case of any violence they will be able to protect the other congregation members(Lankford, 2015). While the administrators who consider the issue not to be that serious usually advocate that the worship centers should ensure their safety by introducing their own voluntary trained security team.

Any other relevant situational issues

A large amount of offering collected in various worship centers is creating huge concern and can be seen to play a particular role in the increased shooting cases. Some worship centers are based in communities with high income earning individuals, for example, the Calvary Chapel Newport news that is based in the Ft. Eustis region of the city. In such worship centers, the amount collected every Sunday exceeds thousands of dollars. This, therefore, acts as a motivation factor for the occurrence of shootings and other violent activities. The worship centers with such huge amounts of offerings should try to initiate appropriate measures to reduce the risk of attack. For example. Hiring trained law enforcement officers to ensure the congregation safety.

Establish the extent of the problem you wish to prevent

The problem of active shooting has been on the increase in the United States in the recent past. The problem has not only to affect the worship centers but has also affected various other institutions such as schools, and shopping malls. A large percentage of the population has been affected in the recent pasts in various ways, for example, many people have lost their loved ones. According to research, approximately one-third of the total mass shooting that happened between the year 1966and 2012 occurred in the united states (Lankford, 2015). The cases of mass shooting have particularly been high in worship centers whereby almost half of the shooting incidences in the united states are recorded in the worship centers.

Statistics or data related to support your claim that there is a threat to your target environment

There are a number of shooting incidents that happen in various worship centers in the united states that help to prove that gun violence is indeed a problem in worship centers. Examples if the shooting incidences and statistics include, first, in the year 2017, Devin Kelly who was wearing tactical gear that included a bulletproof vest, stormed the first Baptist church based in Sutherland spring, Texas, and managed to kill twenty-six people and injured twenty others (Fox & DeLateur 2014). Secondly, in the year 2016, a Muslim imam known as Maulana Alauddin was shot together with his close friend as they were leaving the New York City mosque. Thirdly, in 2016, rev. William of st peters missionary church in Dayton was shot by his brother inside his church office (Rocque & Duwe 2014). This incident helped to prove that, mas shooting in worship centers is indeed a huge problem that needs close attention


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