Hundreds Become U.S. Citizens Just in Time to Vote - Free Essay with Article Review

Published: 2017-11-21
Hundreds Become U.S. Citizens Just in Time to Vote - Free Essay with Article Review
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In New York City, Hundreds Become U.S. Citizens Just in Time to Vote

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The article begins with a scene in the federal courtroom in Brooklyn where 262 New Yorkers were being registered as voters. This was happening on a Friday just before the deadline. The Magistrate Judge Vera M. Scanlon was in charge of all the process till the new citizens recited the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States. She emphasized on how these groups were privileged.

After sometimes voter registration forms were distributed among these people. The judge then told them to mail them to the post office next door, but a lady who works as an advocate in Hispanic Federation collected all the forms and said that she would deliver them directly to the Board of Election. This act delighted many people since most of them could not believe their current status as American citizens. The article goes ahead by mentioning that 685 people became American Citizens on Friday in New York. This was done in three ceremonies. The article tells that Donald J. Trump campaign motivated many of these people. For example, Humera Qayyum, a medical assistant from Coney Island said she had experienced discrimination as a Muslim wearing a Hijab. She said that Trump’s intention to bar Muslims from the U.S.A was not good at all. She stated that she would vote Democratic since they respect all religions in America.

Many people turned out to register as voters, but the federal Citizenship and Immigration Services claimed that the numbers were just a representation of delays. I think this article is just comprehensive enough. It has the right size for the topic chosen. Some experts say that the late registration will not mean a lot to these elections. However, this is not good since most of these new voters have decided to register because they want to make some changes in the governance of their country. For instance, there is a lady who said she was voting to stop Trump from getting to power since she is opposed to his ideals. The other lady said that this election was important as there would be a history made by electing the first woman president. Many, especially the females are encouraged to vote since there is a possibility of a woman governing the country. The registration of new voters is essential because of every vote matter. Through this, America would have the first female president or have a male leader who is seen to be very controversial. It supports every point it states with direct evidence. Its portrayal of New York City is real and elaborate.

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