Essay Example: Challenges Faced by Zappos

Published: 2023-03-29
Essay Example: Challenges Faced by Zappos
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Zappos is determined to make brisk steps towards taking the online business to another level by incorporating different concepts that will see a diversification of the firm from selling a limited number of different items to a one-stop online shop. The firm is incorporating creative ideas and concepts to help push sales. On the contrary, the principle belief is based on the delivery of the purchased goods, and the time delivery is swaying customers to their direction (Noe, 2019). However, despite the innovative and competitive ideas held by the company, several factors are derailing the company from being the best online retailer.

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Operation costs are one of the company's greatest challenge, that has forced Zappos to lay off employees. As a result, the increasing operating costs are threatening the performance of the company, making it lose some of its best workers.

How Training and Development Can Help Zappos

Training in businesses helps to identify and correct loopholes that drain the enterprise's revenue. Zappos is already sailing in the sea of hardship in terms of operational costs. As a result, training in the company will help reduce the challenges of the increased cost of operations, which may limit the growth of the company in becoming the best online retailer.

The Level of Engagement

The organization has revolutionized the culture of engagement, with extensive training, and incorporating different programs such as weeding out dissatisfied customers, a step that allows the workers to discuss and engage in affairs that affect the organization's performance. On the contrary, the level of engagement within the firm is high, to help increase creativity and innovation that is geared towards increasing customer satisfaction. Managers are encouraged to interact with employees outside the organization, a step that increases interactions. As a result, the managers get to know the workers even better and their potential abilities that may be used to increase productivity and creativity.

Zappos' Core Values That Require Training and Development

Creating Fun and a Little Weirdness value requires critical training to ensure that the objectives of the organization are met. As a result, fun in the organization will help reshape the image of the company not only to the customers but also to the aspiring workers, whom the company has to weed out in public.

The Least and Why?

Training and development to Deliver WOW through Service will not be highly required to work on this core value since it is already implemented and showing positive feedback in the organization (O'Brien, 2009). Customers are encouraged to buy more since the shipping fee is free.


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