Paper Example: Conflict Theory, Feminist Theory and Symbolic Interaction Theory

Published: 2023-02-16
Paper Example: Conflict Theory, Feminist Theory and Symbolic Interaction Theory
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In modern society, there are slogans, graphic advertisements, and images that trigger a contentious issue, that is, the exploitation and objectification of women. Some of the ideologies in society are meant to deprive an individual or a particular social group and social context. The antagonism from the individual level, gender level, and societal level sparks different philosophical and social theories which explain the interaction and coexistence of humans in society (Meyer, 2010). The following study aims to look at the nature of Conflict Theory, Feminist Theory and Symbolic Interaction theory, as theories that explain human philosophy and social perspective; and my perspective on the topic.

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Description of the Theories

Conflict theory was developed by Karl Marx, who deliberates that society is not understood as a complex system striving for evenness, but an intense competition (Crossman, 2019). While the feminist theory was conceptualized by Judith Butler. The theory focuses on gender inequality, as well as gender politics, sexuality, and power relations (Butler, 2006).

Symbolic Interactionism theory was developed by George Herbert Mead. The theory explains the direct sociologist that consider human interaction and action are comprehensible with the exchange of significant symbol or communication (Turner, 2011).

Theories' Examples and their Reflection on Everyday Life.

In the Conflict theory, social conflict triggers during the competition over the scarce resources, such as wealth and power, therefore people need to compete with one another to gain them. Example in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad competes for power despite the resistance he gets from the country's revolutionists. Feminist theory provides a critique of these political and social relations, as well as emphases on the interest and promotion of women rights. Example, it is easy to realize that a few companies have women at the top management like CEO or director, and even some lack women in the decision making boardrooms.

Symbolic Interactionism theory is common on women sexism. Media has transformed how women are depicted in the subservient, subordinate and male pleasing role through the advertisement of the products, bring a difference and arouse a new meaning to the female individual and develop cultural/gender expectations. Example, Burger King uses female sexual content to sell their burger.

Most Relevant Theory

Based on the dynamics of society, Feminist theory is relevant to my development and identity. While my social identity as a young woman, I have experienced instances where I am discriminated from making an impactful decision and taking a certain vital role due to my gender which is perceived to be mediocre. During the election in my former school, male candidates were more prioritized to contest for a certain position, unlike ladies. In my social group Feminism theory is evident in the organization and politics. Women are discouraged from taking the leadership role to head the organization, and instead, they have limited vacancies to deputize the men leaders. Feminism theory has escalated to sexual harassment, sexual assault, and feminism against women. These cases promoted the formation of the "Me Too" movement to promote women rights in society.


To windup, my identity as a woman is at stake, although civil societies are making fruitful efforts to ensure that females get equal rights as their male counterparts in different roles in the society and ensure that they work together towards common goals. Besides, the Feminist theory emphasized the presence of gender conflict where women are considered mediocre, the theory is significant in providing a hint on how the challenge can be resolved to avert any escalation. I believe that if women support one another they can gain strength against feminism.


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