How Can Women Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis Find a Sense of Purpose? Free Essay

Published: 2023-07-23
How Can Women Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis Find a Sense of Purpose? Free Essay
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Every week in the United States, 200 people are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the majority of those 200 being women (Hopkins Medicine). Women are being diagnosed far more often than men, spiking their prevalence rate. Multiple Sclerosis, a disease is commonly known as M.S., can cause detrimental harm to the brain of the person affected. The mind is the body's control center. Therefore if the brain is damaged, it causes other parts of the body to function less effectively. There are a variety of different areas in that M.S. can affect someone, whether they are physical, mental, or social. There is no known cure for M.S., so if diagnosed, it would be a lifelong illness. Since MS can affect almost every area of a woman's life, it can be hard to live with, and it can also lead to feelings of worthlessness and often depression. Some of the health issues faced by Multiple Sclerosis patients include the following:

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Cognitive Issues

Many women diagnosed with M.S. suffer from cognitive issues that affect them daily. They will develop memory loss, whether short or long-term. They have trouble staying on track with daily tasks. They can experience loss of attention or concentration issues. They can also have problems with processing and remembering information they were just told. People with M.S. have difficulty planning and prioritizing tasks and events.


The level of fatigue M.S. patients experience is far more severe than the average person. The basic definition of fatigue is "weariness from bodily or mental exertion (," meaning your body is overworked physically or mentally. The above is compared to what the average person would experience after completing a strenuous workout, hike, lengthy, or any other activity that would cause someone to have significant fatigue. For people with M.S., it does not take nearly as much physical activity for them to feel the same amount or worse level of fatigue as it would for an average person. People with M.S. experience high levels of fatigue daily and in a slightly different way than the average person. If you have M.S., your body will continuously feel like it does when you have the flu, your body feels run down, and your energy level is deficient. Daily tasks such as going to the grocery store, or doing simple house chores become exhausting, and it is common to feel overwhelmed in a short period.

In addition to the general fatigue, M.S. sufferers feel, there is a specific kind of fatigue unique to people with M.S., called Lassitude. Lassitude is said to feel like you are dragging an anchor around with you ( It is a constant feeling of low energy, no matter the quality of sleep they have had. It occurs daily and usually becomes worse as the day goes on. Lassitude can occur at any point of the day and is commonly brought on by heat or stress, two of the main enemies of M.S.

Motor Issues

Because MS damages nerves in the spinal cord and the brain, their muscles may become weak and ineffective. Commonalities are stiff muscles and spasms, or sudden involuntary movements, also known as spasticity. These muscle problems cause trouble with walking and reduce their ability to perform high-intensity physical activity. Many people with M.S. may also experience some tremors, or uncontrollable shaking, which can occur in several parts of the body.


Pain associated with M.S. is usually in short bursts, but it can also last for more extended periods. People with M.S. feel sharp, stabbing pains throughout their bodies. The pain often feels like "pins and needles" ( Chronic back and muscle pain are widespread among M.S. sufferers and can enhance fatigue due to the illness.

Digestive Issues

Digestive Issues are another common symptom of MS. Issues with the bowel and bladder can happen because of M.S. damage in the brain that might block or delay nerve signals in the central nervous system from being sent to the colon, the bladder, and urinary muscles. This process would cause frequent urination, urinary incontinence, and the inability to empty the bladder.

Heat Sensitivity

Heat is kryptonite for Multiple Sclerosis. High temperatures exacerbate the illness because the heat causes nerves to lose their myelin sheath, making the body more vulnerable to heat and temperature changes. Heat exposure can cause or heighten fatigue, numbness, confusion, imbalance, and weakness. However, once the body is cooled, the symptoms will subside.

Statistics for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) is the most far-reaching incapacitating neurological state of youthful grown-ups far and wide. You can create M.S. at any age. However, a great many people get analyzed between the ages of 20 and 50.

There are backsliding, transmitting, and dynamic sorts of M.S., yet the course is once in a while, unsurprising. Scientists, despite everything, don't completely comprehend the reason for M.S. or why the pace of movement is so hard to decide. Fortunately, numerous individuals living with M.S. don't create extreme handicaps. Most have a typical or close ordinary life expectancy.

There's no national or worldwide vault for new M.S. cases. Realized figures are just gauges. Late discoveries from a National MS Society study gauge almost 1 million individuals in the United States are living with MS. This is more than twofold the last announced number, and the principal national research on M.S. pervasiveness since 1975. The general public likewise gauges that 2.3 million individuals live with M.S. internationally. Around 200 new cases are analyzed every week in the United States, says the M.S. Discovery Forum.

Challenges Faced by Women with Multiple Sclerosis


An individual with M.S. may battle to deal with their ailment. They may fear for their future or experience the ill effects of low confidence because of the physical changes they are encountering. Their friends and family will likewise be genuinely influenced, attempting to manage the analysis and its results. Stress, gloom, and tension can negatively affect connections by shutting the lines of correspondence. The normal tendency when discouraged is to pull back from others, yet this is when open and straight-to-the-point conversation is essential.

The woman with M.S. and their accomplice need to discuss the effect the malady is having on them and what changes may be made later on. For instance, the individual with M.S. may, in the long run, be restricted to telecommuting, or maybe not working by any stretch of the imagination, which could put money related strain on the relationship.


MS can target practically any piece of the sensory system. It can influence the nerves of the regenerative organs, which prompts changes in sexual work. Eased back excitement time, diminished charisma or want, and adjusted orgasmic reaction are ordinary encounters. Weariness additionally hoses sexual want.

Numerous individuals with M.S. battle with sentiments of grief. This can influence the nature of their intimate connections and cause their sex drive to drop. Transparent correspondence is significant. Proficient advising and treatment might be essential to enable the couple to deal with the difficulties of M.S.

Although MS does not affect the fertility of a woman, contraception ought to be discussed as an option (by either men or ladies) if the couple needs to maintain a strategic plan of pregnancy. Potential issues that should be examined when anticipating a family incorporate the accomplice's malady movement and whether they will feel genuinely equipped for managing the requests of a youngster, both for the time being and, in the years, to come.


Information proposes that lost work profitability because of M.S., or the need to resign early is the most significant single factor adding to nonmedical expenses of MS. Loss of salary is likewise connected with a relating increment in handicap claims for legislative projects and protection suppliers. Nonmedical costs incorporate present moment and long haul nonattendance from work and diminished work hours. Other losses include changing the kind of work to a less genuinely testing and unpleasant nature (generally at lower pay), and early retirement.

Even though the expenses fluctuate by the individual, these elements bring about diminished efficiency and generous salary misfortune for those with M.S. In 2016, and a systematic review Trusted Source affirmed that the principle cost part for dynamic M.S. patients is the loss of profitability, up to 67 percent of their expense of ailment. M.S. likewise fundamentally influences truancy. Contrasted and representatives without M.S., those with the sickness had more than multiple times the quantity of wiped out leave days. The yearly expense for handicap to managers was multiple times more prominent for M.S. workers. Scientists in Australia took a gander at evaluating MS-related efficiency and misfortunes. M.S. patients were available grinding away multiple times more frequently than they were missing work. The creators noticed the significance of presenteeism being remembered for business results.

Nonetheless, of the 740 representatives with MS, 56 percent experienced work misfortune because of M.S. in the past about a month. This brought about a year for every individual loss of $4,985 in U.S. dollars.

Solutions for Living with Multiple Sclerosis

The National MS Society characterizes health as a "unique condition of physical, enthusiastic, profound and social prosperity that can be accomplished even within sight of an interminable ailment or inability." Wellness is a long-lasting excursion wherein individuals become mindful of themselves and how they feel, which incorporates actual conduct and way of life decisions to feel their best. It is tied in with treating both the body and psyche. Systems to advance well-being (diet, exercise, and M.S. medications), putting resources into individual connections to make substantial care groups and mental and enthusiastic methodologies to adapt to pressure, nervousness, or sorrow are all pieces of an individual's general health.

Suffering from M.S. ought not to shield you from carrying out your responsibility or taking an interest in recreation exercises that you appreciate. You can keep up your own and expert workouts and focus on your internal identity, as well.

Remaining solid is significant for individuals with any constant issue, and M.S. is no particular case. Your primary care physician or other human services proficient can suggest an eating routine/sustenance plan that could positively affect your side effects.

Although there is no different eating routine for M.S., what you eat will have some effect on your well-being and by and large. One also needs to evaluate prosperity (counting your vitality level, bladder and gut capacities, and different indications), so your eating regimen is significant. A few pros suggest a low-fat, high-fiber diet for individuals with MS. Be that as it may, with any dietary suggestion, it is imperative to talk with your PCP to guarantee that significant nutrients and supplements are incorporated.

Staying fit is another incredible method to remain sound and deal with your manifestations. A lot of programs for those with M.S. should meet the person's requirements and abilities, and you ought to examine wellness choices with your PCP before beginning another activity system. There are fundamental physical exercises that you can do at home: cultivating, cooking, and family unit assignments. Other suggested practices incorporate yoga, versatile Tai chi, or swimming/waterworks.

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