Free Essay Example: A Situation Where Your Values Guide Your Actions

Published: 2023-02-14
Free Essay Example: A Situation Where Your Values Guide Your Actions
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Values are a set of beliefs that guide our actions during day-to-day activities. There are various incidents where values have consistently helped most individuals in making decisions in the world currently. Personally, values have transformed my relationships and actions while interacting with multiple individuals in public (Inglehart, 2015).These values have ideologically, embraced love peace, and Unity between various people in society and me. In this paper, we will identify how my value guided me in making a decision.

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Recent Event on my Values

The period when my values helped me in controlling my event was when I interacted with the Traffic Police personnel. The traffic policeman stopped my car in the middle of the road when I was leaving to work. He checked my car license and car insurance cards; later, he stated that my vehicle was not worthy of being used in the road. I was traumatized since my consent were all authentic and satisfied with road usage. The traffic police official then called me outside my vehicle and stated that I bribe him or else he is taking me to the station. I could not believe the fact that I was being charged with false chargers by a public servant. I refused to bribe the traffic police and suggested to be taken to the station to see his managers. After I have refused to comply with his demands, he became angry as he began threatening me.

How your action stems from your values

My response during the interaction by the traffic police was ideally channeled from my values. I believe in ethic and costs on doing the right thing in whatever the situation and place. Generally, in most of the circumstances, my values have outshined my character to various places I have been. The act of denying giving a bribe to the traffic police have genuinely shown how my costs have grown in my life. This action has helped me in increasing bold and robust while interacting with both influential people in public. My response also ideologically, has come from the values I have been taught and practiced in my entire life. In most of the circumstances in life, I have been at the forefront of showing the correct values to my colleagues.

How my Values influenced my working Colleagues

My values have predominantly changed the way I work with my colleagues in one way or the other. I work in an online marketing company that deals with promoting and selling products in the market. My values have led to job promotions among my working colleagues. On the other hand, most of the people I work with have embraced my behavior of love and Unity (Kahneman&Tversky2013). In the organization, most of the colleagues have respected me since they acknowledge the fact that I show valid values in whatever activity I undertake. Most of my workmates have also embraced my values into their day to day lives. My values have helped in transforming my organization to be a more respected and honored organization in the entire community. Ideologically, values have helped me in dealing and working with various people in and around my environment in one perspective to the other. My values have also led to awarding to multiple positions in and around our society.

Values play a significant role in each, and every person lives in one way or the other. Generally, costs have led to growth and stabilization of character of various individuals in one perspective to the other. Personally, values have transformed my relationship with multiple people in and around the environment in one aspect to the other. Therefore, we are all encouraged to practice embrace ethical values in our lives.


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