MBA Admission Personal Statement - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-12-11
MBA Admission Personal Statement - Free Paper Sample
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Individual interest and motivation are fundamental drivers toward career development that typically help one build an advanced professional background. Professional degrees and programs have a significant role to play when an individual needs to advance or gain expertise in a specific field of study. At this stage, my primary objective is to enhance my career, particularly in the engineering sector, where I plan to become a productive engineering manager. Pursuing this Masters in Business Administration program will perfectly equip me with outstanding managerial and leadership skills. Typically, I have a vast range of professional experience and accomplishments gained throughout my learning process. For instance, I have served as the project leader for a New Product Introduction Program. I gained an in-depth understanding of lean challenges, cooling of engines, hydraulics, and various engine components' functionalities. I have also led a Six Sigma Black Belt project whose objective was to minimize the drawing errors associated with implementing the (Built-in-Quality) system of the engine.

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Notwithstanding, I garnered an enormous professional experience while working at Caterpillar Inc., Butler International, Larsen & Toubro e-Engineering Solution, and Precious Products (India) Limited, where I not only performed as a design engineer but also as a senior in the engineering lead-design. During my tenure in the organization, I managed six offsite and onsite engineers to execute multiple NPI projects. Moreover, I have efficient procurement skills, which I earned when directing the parts procurement initiative and partnering with the institution's internal procurement teams. In a nutshell, my professionalism at Caterpillar Inc. and my bachelor programs helped me with the abilities to act as a team player, coherently present project management proposals, gain adequate and professional communication skills, acquire leadership roles, understand the hydraulic systems and engines, etc.

My substantial strengths include but are not restricted to practical communication abilities, active listening skills, leadership and managerial qualities, problem-solving capabilities, and a staunch interest in watching and researching for the latest discoveries and innovations. All these will help me gain insight and better understand the primary requirements and fundamentals for the utmost managerial standards. I may also use my communication skills to consult with experts in developing the most stable strategies for managing the engineering company and its ultimate components.

Conventionally, having a duo of managerial skills and advanced knowledge of engineering tools further helps me initiate various projects to see that more inventive and innovative ideas are supported to create comprehensive, more resilient, and accommodative engines and have reduced repair costs. In other words, my primary objective, vision, or trigger to work as a manager in engineering firms, is to use the team members in the most productive, economical, and ethical manner in designing more alternatives in the field of fluid and hydraulics. Therefore, doing this MBA will also grant me the opportunity to realize my goal of managing an engineering firm. Perhaps, I will be able to advance my academic qualifications after completing this specific program to obtain full certification of becoming the top executive manager of one of the firms. It will be more straightforward to utilize the staff, and the entire company's stakeholders are spearheading the research process to develop new engineering techniques and mechanisms. In a nutshell, this program acts as the path toward attaining long-term goals as an Engineer.

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