Free Essay on Homeland Security and Terrorism

Published: 2023-01-13
Free Essay on Homeland Security and Terrorism
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Generally, there is no definite description of terrorism, but the United States of America defines terrorism as a deliberate, politically inspired act of violence that is enacted against non-fighters targets by subnational teams or concealed agents. Other people classify terrorism as the use of viciousness and threats in the hunt of religious, political, social, and conceptual purposes. According to Schmid, he says that agencies like the US DOD and FBI should understand the importance of defining terrorism although each description is somehow different, they have constant themes (Schmid, 2011). The confirmation of the terrorist team is usually reliant on an individual's location, motivation, and affiliation with the nation. According to Hussain, he stated the following factors as the characteristics of terrorism (Hussain, 2010). These characteristics are poverty, human rights, foreign martial intrusions, minority status, and lack of self-governing decree.

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The National Advisory Committee on Criminal Justice goals and Standards argues that there are six different kinds of terrorism. The first one is a civil order. This is a violent method of protest that is conducted by a group of people, mostly in opposition to political action or strategy. They are envisioned to communicate information to a political group to inform them that people are not pleased by their work and they need change. The second one is political terrorism which is used by a specific political group to coerce another. Non-political terrorism is an action executed by a faction for other purposes and not political issues. Quasi terrorism is an action that uses the same systems terrorist use, but it has different inspiring aspects. State terrorism is a violent act that is started by a current government to achieve a specific objective.

Terrorism can be related to being related to other types of disasters because they have many similarities. Both of them cause massive killings, and they bring down the economy. Some of these disasters may be natural such as floods, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, and blizzards. Both of these calamities come unexpected, but they can be prevented if the government puts up measures to stop them.


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