Homegrown Jihad - Free Essay on Mass Shootings

Published: 2017-12-26
Homegrown Jihad - Free Essay on Mass Shootings
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Homegrown Jihad Evidence

There is no evidence directly linking the shootings to Jihadism. The San Bernardino mass shootings that killed fourteen people and wounded twenty one people cannot for surely ascertained to be an example of home grown Jihadist. No evidence was collected by the police that linked the shooting suspects to Islamic beliefs and Islamic faith. For a person to qualify to be called a Jihadist, he or she should subscribe to Jihadist beliefs. All Jihadists are Muslims. People who commit criminal activities such as mass killings that are often associated with Jihadists but do not subscribe to Jihadi Salafism do not qualify to be called Jihadists. Had the suspects been clad in Islamic dressing or had Islamic material been found in their houses or car, then there would have been a possibility that the suspects were Jihadists.

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The mass shootings could have been due to frustrations experienced by the perpetrators. In the recent past, San Bernardino city has gone through serious economic problems. The city has gone through bankruptcy and unemployment rates in San Bernardino County have been high when compared to other counties in California State. The suspects could have been jobless, frustrated with life and had decided to vent their frustrations on society. The suspects could have felt that the problems they were going through were caused by mistakes of the society and decided to display their frustrations by involving themselves in the mass shootings. Chief of police, San Bernardino city said that the city has been hit hard economically, with problems of bankruptcy and unemployment. The Chief of police further said that other than economic problems, the city has been going through social problems.

The shooters could have been mentally disabled. The shooters could have been mentally disturbed. Given that the shootings happened during a banquet at a social service facility for disabled individuals, the shooters could have been mentally disturbed. Assuming that the shooters were mentally disabled, they could have had problems with their colleagues who were mentally disabled. Suffice is to say, there is no substantive evidence that can be used to conclude that the shootings are an example of homegrown Jihadist.


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