Free Essay: History Significance

Published: 2023-03-08
Free Essay: History Significance
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Turner's thesis contained important framework suggestions on American development and unity. The frontier promoted a sense of nationality among the American people (Turner, 5). "The Jungle" portrays the harsh treatment of immigrants in the United States and exploitation in Chicago and more industrialized cities. The book led to growth in trade unions and human and civil rights activism (Niang 52).

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Rosa Parks Civil disobedience was caused by high social bias and immense racial discrimination. She set off the Montgomery bus boycott leading a nationwide civil rights movement (sanders 3). The theory of Natural Law explains that the first law of practical reason gives rationality to the process of decision-making (Pope 155). The theory has helped put into discriminative perspective laws and historical injustice.

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory burned due to poor safety standards killing over 146 people working there. The fire led to new legislation requiring improvement in safety standards in buildings and the formation of a trade union to help fight poor working conditions (Mcevoy 632).

Jim Crow laws were formed in the southern United States, promoting white supremacist ideas due to non-slavery legislation. The laws led to civil movements in the 19th and 20th centuries (pilgrim 1). Kennedy/Nixon Debate was the first televised presidential debate watched by over seventy million people. The debate helped familiarize with the candidates in subsequent elections ever since (Druckman 570). The Gulf of Tonkin attack was caused by aggression on An American battleship by Vietnam forces that led to legislation that enabled America's direct involvement in the Vietnam War (Cherwitz 93).

Rosie the Riveter worked in the 2nd world War and became the face of American working women. This helped open up jobs to women previously closed to them (Bellou &Emanuela 125). Indian Boarding Schools were founded to aid change Native American culture to mainstream culture (Margolis 72). They led to a loss of identity and separation from parents.

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