Scarlet Roads - Free Essay with the Movie Review

Published: 2022-03-23
Scarlet Roads - Free Essay with the Movie Review
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What is the film about?

The film, Scarlet Roads revolve around the life of a lady by the name of Racheal who is a sex worker. Commonly we know sex workers to work with regular people, but Racheal takes the road to pleasing and giving intimacy to persons with disability. The idea behind Racheal motive is to ensure all people even those with disability acquire their right to enjoy sexual intimacy. The video also gives a glimpse of what parents and guardians of person's with the disability feel towards Racheal idea. As a sex worker, Rachel explains of the positives and challenges that come along with her profession.

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What is your reaction to the film?

Watching the film a lot of thoughts cross my mind, many would negatively judge what Rechel and many like her do for a living and more, her ability to openly share what many would call erotic to the public. For me, the film elicits various emotions at ago, but what is great is the film ability to bring up a topic about sex and disability, a matter that many fail to open up about despite people knowing it is a real issue that exists.

What did you know, or think, about sex among people with disabilities before watching the film?

Comparing my knowledge now and before I watched this video, I would say the reaction to the idea of sex and person with a disability is different. Before, thinking about sexual intimacy and person with a disability, I would consider the thought evil. I never thought they would want so much to enjoy sex and sex could be something that pleases them. Watching the video, I realized that, persons with disability have sexual attraction just like anybody else. As much as they may lack the ability to ask for sex or seek an intimate relationship with other people, they are sexually active and interested in making a close relationship. Therefore, any chance they get to get intimate they should not be denied, as long as it is a willing person.

What was the thought about sex workers before watching the film?

Sex workers are perceived as religiously and culturally immoral, and no one wants to be associated with what they do. This is evident from how Rachel story with her mother. Although her mother doesn't fight what she does, she is not proud of her. Before, I would never have thought sex workers have a positive role they play in the society due to the many negative connotations associated with their work and mainly because they earn a living through sex.

In what ways did the film challenge your preconceptions around people with disabilities and sex workers?

Sex workers and persons with disability is a new phenomenon that is complex to understand. However, after watching the film, I realized there is much joy sex workers bring in to persons with disability. Also, despite giving the disabled person pleasure we I recognize the significant effort, the sex workers have to put in place to delight these people who have diverse needs. The new knowledge brings me into understanding why there is need to break the stereotype surrounding sex workers and the person with the disability.

Would you recommend the film? Why or why not?

This is a documentary that I would recommend to every person above 18years to begin learning what sex workers offer and also learn essence to sexual freedom for all. It also helps break the cultural and religious misconceptions surrounding persons with disability and sex workers by giving a more informed approach to the idea.

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