Health Science and the Film Scarlet Road - Essay Example

Published: 2023-10-15
Health Science and the Film Scarlet Road - Essay Example
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The film Scarlet Road describes the unique nature of the work of Rachel Wotton, an Australian sex worker. She is particularly concerned about the rights of sex workers and their freedom of expression. Her uniqueness comes in the nature of a long-overlooked clientele that is composed of people with disabilities. The paper, therefore, entails the uniqueness of the film Scarlet Road that unveils the nature of Rachel Wotton, and is a reflection of how sex workers are perceived. The reflection will seek to enlighten how the decriminalized sex work in New South Wales informs of the management of the sex industry. It will also clarify whether Rachel’s experience of sex work is representative of that of most of the sex workers, among many other issues as will be noted herein.

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A Brief Review of the Scarlet Road

Rachels uniqueness in her work is primarily noted in the steps she has undertaken in ensuring that her clientele is happy and acquire a sense of worth. Some of the steps taken by Rachel to ensure that she achieves her quest entails setting up workshops for sex workers and cares, developing an advocacy non-profiting group, and even furthering her studies by taking up a masters’ degree during her spare time. The film traces her from her mission of undertaking sex and disability enlightening programs to those that entail communicating to Congress on matters of sexual health (Scott, 2011). Rachel Wotton has made it her routine to end the stigma that surrounds the people with disability. Her spirit is indefatigable as she progresses to offer specialized services to his clients with two notable ones (Mark and John) who agree for camera recordings during some of their most intimate moments. The humour, passion, and intimacy noted in the film are enough to transform one’s view towards the people with disability and sex workers.

Whether Canada Should Consider Decriminalizing Sex Work

Sex was initially considered illegal in New South Wales under the Vacancy Act, and women found to be engaging in street sex were arrested at the time. Still, it was decriminalized following immense public pressure in 1979. The decriminalization of sex work in New South Wales is appropriate for the management of sex industry because people will get to openly engage about the safety measures and guidelines that should be undertaken in the sex industry (Scott, 2011). As such, Canada should, therefore, adopt the decriminalization of sex work as a way of protecting its citizens who are part of the industry. The Canadians sex workers just like their colleagues from New South Wales, will be able to adopt safety measures and even advocate for a favorable working environment.

Whether Rachel’s Experience is representative is that of most Sex Workers

The experience of Rachel, even though compelling and giving a different depiction of the sex industry, may also get described as unique. She does her work with passion and the film documents how she makes her clients happy, particularly the disabled. This experience may, however, not be the case amongst most sex workers globally. Her clientele, the disabled, is something that is equally unique and may. In New South Wales, sex work is legalized, as such, it leaves an option for people as a way of employment consideration, but in most states globally, it is illegal. Sex workers are, therefore, treated with contempt, harassed, and even arrested. Most people also fail to consider the sex industry as a place of income but rather one which contributes to the deterioration of the societal moral standards and requirement.

Why Sex Workers are regarded with Contempt

In many parts across the globe, the sex industry is deemed detrimental to the morality of a society. Sex workers are, therefore, regarded with contempt because they contribute to the deterioration of moral obligations. Again, the issue of HIV AIDS is one that still poses a threat and has claimed many lives with the inclusion of other sexually transmitted infections. Sex workers are believed to be at the forefront in contributing to the rise of HIV AIDS and STI related infections globally. Even though they continue to advocate for their rights and freedom, it will take decades for people to get convinced that they are in a decent industry.

My Feeling towards Rachel’s Customers and their Families

It is unique to see the extent to which Rachel goes in reaching clients who are abled differently. Rachel’s impact towards them gives them reassurance and a sense of belonging, and as such, they find it easy to cope with their challenges easily. Their families also acquire ease in helping them cope with their situations.

Lesson from watching the Film Scarlet Road

Sex workers, however, treated with contempt can also be impactful and contribute to making the world a better place. The film depicts how the vulnerable (Mark and John) are impacted by Rachel’s effect (Scott, 2011). Their families are equally happy because their loved ones have never experienced that kind of joy before.


In summary, the film Scarlet Road is both unique and educating. It presents a different view of sex work using the case of Rachel Wotton, as noted herein. As such, more debates should be considered about the sex industry and its possible impact, particularly to the vulnerable who in this case are the disabled and a case in point is that of Mark and John.


Scott, C. (2011). Scarlet Road.

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