Free Essay: Headless Males Make Great Lovers

Published: 2023-04-09
Free Essay: Headless Males Make Great Lovers
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Chapter One

In this chapter, things that attracted my reading mostly include; female and male species having different goals when it is time to mate. Crump said that male species wants to mate with as many females as they could but for female; are too selective hence ending up mating with partners of their choice (4).

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Another thing is, fitness depends on species gametes and reproduction is complicated, in that. the male manipulates the female by playing around hence leading to a dangerous game. On the other side, not all females release an egg, and not all males produce sperm, for reason some are hermaphrodites. "Rampant machismo" is interesting for the reason that reproductive success is increased by preventing other male sea elephants from mating. Crump indicated that female bowerbirds identify bowers and run to their doorstep, singing while the male bowerbirds come around for mating (10). Interestingly, it is the male bowerbirds that construct and take care of the bowers daily for successful breeding.

Chapter Two

Concerning this chapter, caring or not caring for the young one depends on species. It requires energy and time to nurture young ones. Some animals leave their offspring to face life challenges on their own. Crump said that it is evident that human beings take extensive care to their young ones as compared to other species (65). On the other side, mother strawberry poison dart frogs interestingly provide meals by laying eggs in the water hence feeding their offspring. It has never been considered that fish can take enough care of their embryo by spraying water for purposes of oxygen provision. Captivatingly, this water is forced from fish (parent) gill and mouth. As well, birds take care of their young ones by staying around nests to protect offspring from predators. Crump indicated that birds take care of their little ones by providing food from their mouth (71). On top of that, kangaroo mate three days immediately after giving birth but take good care of their young ones in the pouch. Some frogs indeed have pouches on their back too for purposes of carrying their offspring.

Chapter Three

Species live to eat while others eat to live. One, it all depends with culture and background that one comes from. Secondly, some animals consider dung and blood as food, just like bats bounces on another animal unnoticed due to its light weight. Another interesting thing is that, blood sucking abilities have been appreciated in medical field for the reason that, many years ago, medical leech was used to suck blood from patients who had complicated conditions. Crump said that some humans consider blood as a rich source of nutrition hence having no difference from vampire flies such as bedbugs (99). Lastly, for sure one man's meat is another man's poison; for some people consider eating roasted grasshopper while others do not.

Chapter Four

Predators are all over and species need to be aware and prevent themselves from being consumed by defending, escaping notice or evading. Firsts, for purposes of evading, animals can camouflage as per the environment condition and avoid been consumed. Crump indicated that octopuses are considered as chameleons of the sea for their ability to avoid detection through its invisibility (152). On top of that, horned lizards camouflage well with the environment just like chameleons. Lastly, I just learned that it is difficult to tell front and back of a sea cucumber.

Chapter Five

Different animals communicate their romantic intentions in different ways. Music to female frogs may deafen the human ear due to the noise made. Prairie dogs, members of the squirrel family are considered as most social rodents ever. On top of that, other mammals such as monkeys and dwarf mongooses make different calls when predators are detected. Crump elaborated that, alarm calls are from monkeys especially those from Savannah Africa and these alarms are a sign that leopards, snakes, and eagles are available in their territory (213).


Animals need a social life, eat, mate, and rely on each other for survival matters. "Headless Males Make Great Lovers" has really explained every bit of a living thing, from conceiving, birth, life on earth, in the air, and in the water up to a point of living anymore. Living things need food to live and that is why predators keep on feeding on available animals whiles others defend, evade or escape. On the other side, not all animals take care of their offspring for reasons that they let them deal with life challenges on their own. As well, male species are not much involved in taking care of the young ones. I think that Headless Males Make Great Lovers has really expounded on several issues that one could be concerned about in the animal kingdom.

Work Cited

Crump, Marty L. Headless Males Make Great Lovers: & Other Unusual Natural Histories. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005. Pp 1-278

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