Essay Sample on Project Management and Closure Procedures

Published: 2023-01-26
Essay Sample on Project Management and Closure Procedures
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A project is a temporary endeavor because the process involves closures procedures that must be completed in order to achieve the desired goals or objectives. The project life cycle involves important phases of the closure procedures that contribute to the project management process (Crawford, 2014). For effective completion of the project, the closure procedures must be appropriate to ensure that quality outcomes are attainable by the required customers, therefore, ensuring effective performances in an organization. The closure procedures provide insightful information that helps in determining whether the project is a success or a failure. The first step in the project closure is confirming whether the work is done and completed according to the requirements of the operation. The project manager ensures that all deliverables in the project are completed by the assigned groups and that customers receive quality services (Lock, 2018). The second step is checking if the procurement closure is complete; therefore, completing all payments to the partners and suppliers. Thirdly, gain formal acceptance from customers and stakeholders through notifications.

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The fourth step is determining the possible successes and failures of the project in the operation. For Example, the International Space Station project has limited resources on the approaches used in improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, indexing and archiving of records is another step in the project closure procedures. Lastly, hand off the completed project's products. The handover practice is essential in ensuring the utilization of the products by the required customers (Lock, 2018).

Several important aspects of project management were learned from the closure procedures and the actual interview. First, what was done right in the project was identified based on the practices applied in the project and recorded in the document. The recommended practices for future application contributed to the list of aspects that were done right (Crawford, 2014). The failures of the project termination were also learned in the process. Recommendations for improving the outcomes of the project were also learned because they help in addressing the weaknesses of the activity and the scarcity of resources.


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