Good Representative - Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-19
Good Representative - Essay Example
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There are different leaders all over the world who have different qualities and methods of leading. There are dictatorial leaders who lead through ruthlessness and total control and there are the democratic leaders who engage their followers. This therefore begs the question of who is a good leader or representative in the society. Leaders need to be exceptional members of the society who have dedicated themselves to serve others with the highest level of integrity and honesty. The men or women in the society representing others need to ensure that they put the need for service over their own since this may be deemed as selfishness. Depending on the people and the issues that are at hand different qualities and models can be identified to be uniquely qualified to be good representatives in the society. This paper aims at debunking these aspects through assessing the qualities of a good government, congress as well as representatives through relating different aspects to the religious and philosophical aspects in the society.

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The government is the largest and strongest representative and body that are formed by the people. The government is elected by the people and through distinct features and attributes in its conceptual model draws its power from the people. Governments therefore, need to ensure that they represent the people through integrating the best leadership qualities of equity and fairness to all to ensure that they give the people the required impetus or platform to develop as a single nation. A government is elected and represented by different people who are selected in different capacities to represent the people. A proper government therefore, needs to ensure that it gives the needs of the people a priority when making important policies and frameworks that are critical in the society. The government is formed through a leadership structure that is strongly aimed at controlling and giving the people the best models and attributes that are meant to increase the level of control and representation of the society. Depending on specific structures and models as highlighted through governmental policies and models, the leaders are responsible for their actions that are critical in forming good governance. Government through its power and capability oversees all the important structures and decisions that relate with other governments and the people all over the world. The leaders elected for specific roles in government are responsible for the stability and control in country.

Congress is made up of elected leaders who represent the rights of the people through keeping an eye on the processes and policies that are suggested by the government. The Congress oversees government projects as well as models that are critical in identifying a working structure that is important for all the people in the country. The Congress acts as the main model hat examines the decisions and approaches by the government through informed scrutiny and ability as leaders. Aaron and the other leaders used to act as advisors to Moses on what the people needed and would suggest the best models that needed to be used in achieving this fete. The Congress does not only oversee the models by the government but helps the people in understanding the steps that have been taken by the government. The Congress therefore strengthens the government and ensures that there are structural models that can be identified in the society. The Congress through its structure supports and directs the government and acts as a link between the government and the people. It is therefore an important part of the overall leadership and control that can be highlighted through specific models that are identified by the people in the society.

A representatives role is to give the opinion of the people and identify the faults and models that have been developed by the government and other processes in the country. Representatives therefore, need to be informed and have the basic provisions and standards that are required in a country. A representative gives the view of the people but is responsible for ensuring that there is some coherence and substantial facts to support the evidence or information given. While representing the people a leader should be a man of integrity therefore, cannot be bribed since leaders need to have the interest of the people before their own. Samuel and all the prophets were the representatives of God to the people, through delivering the message as given by God to the people. The leaders also listened to the people and were instrumental in petitioning for Gods mercy on the Peoples behalf. Representatives therefore, need to acknowledge that although they are representing one side that has chosen them, they have an obligation to represent the other side and offer the best basis and advice on the two sides.

In conclusion, depending on the level of control or structure where one represents, there are differences in terms of the models that are used in representing the people. A good representative ensures that the models they use are informed on diligence, integrity, honesty and proper basis that is critical in giving the people a chance to communicate and give the best models. Leaders from the time of Moses have been given the mandate to deliver Gods message and lead the people through integrating the best policies and models that are meant to reflect on either God or the people represented.


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