Free Essay Sample about Enhancing Health Care Using Delphi Method

Published: 2022-03-02
Free Essay Sample about Enhancing Health Care Using Delphi Method
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According to Kovner and Jonas (2002), the Delphi method is a structural undertaking that involves the use of questionnaires for information gathering. The main advantage of using this method is that it can be administered to a large number of the individuals across a diverse location and different areas of expertise. The technique involves anonymous opinion from an expert panel through in-person meeting and e-mail questionnaires. As a way of improving healthcare outcomes, a three-step modified Delphi process must be used.

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Panel selection

A multi-disciplinary panel which includes medical oncologists and urologists across the world through their clinical work, research and participants in health care forums (Keeney, McKenna & Hasson, 2011). The panel member then is contacted, process and goals are explained to them to obtain written consent.

Literature search

An English-language literature search must be conducted using Medline to enhance searching consensuses guidelines and associated guidelines. Also, articles that define and describe appropriate cure for patients suffering from different diseases. However, all the publications must provide health practice guidelines systemic reviews and meta-analysis. A list of no duplicated potential indicators for conditions to be compiled in different categories such as screening, surgical management of local and advanced disease, diagnosis, surveillance, systemic therapy, follow-up, palliative care, research and overall outcomes of health (Kovner & Jonas, 2002).

How Delphi Technique can help to devise National Guidelines

After a consensus from the multi-disciplinary panel comprised of experts, researchers and practitioners from across the medical spectrum, the agreed upon methods for curing certain diseases are adopted into the system of the National guidelines and tested. More research regarding screening, diagnosis, physical examination and treatment of patients using the newly adopted methods are carried out. Successful treatment using these methods goes a long way in contributing to the National guidelines for improving healthcare.

National Guidelines versus stand-alone articles

Owing to the fact that National guidelines originate mostly from a strong base of knowledge, information, and research, they are much trusted and effective as compared to stand-alone articles whose credibility might be in question.

An example of National guideline used in healthcare

One example is the National Guidelines/Standards for Diabetes Self-management Education

DNP influence

A DNP practitioner mainly focuses on clinical practice-oriented leadership roles. Due to their rank within the medical arena, an okay to the process of development and application of such guidelines would positively impact on their adoption.

In conclusion, evidence and consensus-based guidelines exist that help in managing patients suffering from different diseases, but it is so ironical that these instructions result in quality care on unknown disease given that measures of health care are provided for the entire continuum of care. The Delphi method has proven to be the best approach to improving health outcome of patients regardless of age, sex, race residence or social status.


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