Good Officer - Interview Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-19
Good Officer - Interview Essay Example
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An officer is an individual who is required to serve others in a particular capacity, and one of these persons is the police who are supposed to perform various duties for the safety of human beings. They are engaged in various activities like the controlling of traffic, maintaining law and order among other chores. A "good" police officer is a servant who performs the duties placed upon them diligently and in the right manner leading to the achievement of the expected result. There are various attributes that, such an individual portrays which include being motivated, reliable, shows a high level of maturity, they possess emotional intelligence, have great communication skills and they tend to understand the team dynamics. Sometimes back, I happened to be walking along the streets when I saw a speeding car hit a pedestrian. A police officer who was on patrol managed to control the situation by ensuring that the patient was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The culprit was requested by the officer to accompany him to the station to record a statement (Willis & Mastrofski, 2018). Many people did into even realize there was something that had happened due to the level of professionalism portrayed by the law enforcement agent. In an interview with this officer, I managed to understand the values that drive him to make me know what it means to be a "good" officer. I came to understand his name is Officer Jack Rowell.

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Interviewer: Jack, it is great having you and agreeing to be part of this interview?

Jack: am humbled.

Interviewer: before we start, would you kindly tell us who is Jack?

Jack: Jack is a father, a brother and a friend to many. I have been working as an officer for the last 13 years.

Interviewer: That is great. For many years, the public has never appreciated the work done by the police for they feel that they are either rough towards them or engage in corruption cases and killings. Do you think there are good officers out there?

Jack: yes, the country has many goods officers and what the public should understand is that not all police engage in undesirable activities.

Interviewer: In your definition, who is a good officer?

Jack: A good officer is someone who is motivated to do their job and serve the public diligently. An individual who is always looking for new ways of doing things that will lead to the realization of a better result in solving a given problem in society. That person always works towards improving the current system to ensure that the public is receiving high-quality services.

Interviewer: Okay, go on.

Jack: I believe a good officer is a person who is reliable and straightforward. The public always has faith in him that the work assigned will be completed on time and by following the rule of law. The policing work involves dealing with so many people who are engaged in different activities. Therefore, managing to achieve emotional balance and intelligence is a great trait that can enable an individual to be effective in policing duties. Being mature and effective in communicating is also crucial in molding a "good" officer in the public domain.

Interviewer: Am glad to hear that. Thank you for the information, and we hope that the public will start appreciating that there are good officers in our country.

After conducting this interview, I realized that there are good officers in our nation and it is only that the public does not give them the due that they deserve. They perform tough tasks, and a significant number of them are always ready to sever people (Ray, O'Donnell & Kahre, 2015). Only a few numbers is damaging the good name of the force, and this is an issue that the public should understand to avoid labeling all the officers as bad people.


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