ABC Newscast Research - Free Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-13
ABC Newscast Research - Free Essay Example
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I watched ABC newscast on you tube on the link (YouTube, 2015). Newscasts are not just about one or two persons sitting behind a desk telling us what is going on in the world, they are more than that. Watching newscasts should therefore involve some analysis like, how the anchor interacts with journalists in the field. In the following paragraphs, I write about the methods used in this particular newscast to market ABC to its viewers, the credibility of the sources used to build up the stories aired and how such stories avoided bias (2015).

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News channels use marketing perspective so that their viewers stay tuned to their broadcasts each day into the future. Different channels use different strategies including the use of younger attractive anchors or even shifting news broadcasts so that they do not collide with those of other channels. The news anchor presenting the news cast I watched was definitely attractive and eloquent thus viable to keep viewers tuned on to Abc for news. Secondly, the anchor uses direct engagement while airing the story on fake American products, these breaks the monotony of the anchor-viewer interaction and hence giving the viewer the motivation to keep watching news. Morever, towards the end of the newscast, the anchor introduces us to her friends who are the heart to world news. This gives a viewer the feeling of being part of the news crew. Lastly, the news anchor is courteous enough to thank her viewers for staying tuned hence giving the viewer a sense of belonging and appreciation (YouTube, 2015).

Assessing the credibility of news source is not a sure thing since, however, I find the sources used in the newscast I watched to be credible due to the following reasons. Focusing on the kind of words that were used in the newscast played a great deal in assessing the news credibility. The use of us and them binaries in the news shows us that at least most, if not all of the story has been told. Moreover, the news covers multiple perspectives of each story leaving a viewer with more questions other than a conclusion, for example, the coverage on the investigation into fake American products show how and why the producers use the American flag as their products trademark. Use of images also adds to the credibility of the stories in the news as shown in the Abc news display of pictures of the terrorists of ICC that are behind Stevens abduction (ENGSTROM, 1994).

This piece of newscast doesnt seem to have any kind of bias either because for one, the sources of the news in my opinion are diverse. There is a trace of public interest on the story on fake American products, corporate and government sources on the ICC story and progressive sources as in the case of the question of how is too young for guns. The news also focuses on diversity in terms of age, gender and even race. Even the crew displays diversity in the distribution of work, the young and the older ones alike. The language used in the news anchoring doesnt show any kind of bias as well since it is simple and can be understood by people from all walks of life. Lastly, the headlines and the stories all match up.



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