Free Essay about Globalization Research

Published: 2019-05-17
Free Essay about Globalization Research
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Globalization is a movement that cannot be said to take place in a specified time frame. It involves the transfer of policies across borders, cultural stability, exchange of ideas, economic integration and enhancing relations. It can also be defined as a way to the increase the ease of interactions of people from one region to another disregarding distance. Globalization is evolutionary as it is a fluid process that constantly changes with the development of human society.

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Gender roles

The growth in globalization due to the rapid development of technology has influenced people in terms of different ways of learning, working and even communicating. Gender inequality is associated with more cons than pros in the integrated world. It can reduce countries ability to compete internationally, especially for those with export potential in goods and services under female employment. Globalization has greatly affected information access allowing many developing countries to learn more from other parts of the world including those pertaining to the role of women, thus affecting their attitudes and behaviors.

Even after all the influence caused by globalization in improving job opportunities for women in our society, it is still an incomplete solution to gender inequality since the tide has not lifted for everybody. Those often left behind are women for whom the existing constraints are most blinding.


After the end of cold war, most nations have increased and shown interest in the promotion of the free trade principle where market mechanisms must be dominant without interference from the government in economic activities. These countries or nations utilized their economic and military strengths to pursue this objective by convincing other countries to amend structural changes in their economic, political, cultural and social spheres. This process has brought about profound impact and notable improvement of the various aspects of human life in many societies, particularly for the nations involved.

Conservatives argue that in spite of all these changes associated with globalization, the phenomenon may bring destructive effects on all human beings. On the other hand, the radicals argue that the process has brought about and will continue adding benefits to all people and that its effects will soon reach all spots of the earth.


Globalization has greatly affected the education system. In this twentieth century, many developing countries have experienced growth in the education facilities due to the entry of western institutions. Some see this as an opportunity for the enhancement of skills while others fear that it is merely a modern version of the cultural imperialism that will lead to the creation of an ultimate Western society.

The movement has also affected higher education bringing about rapid developments in technology, and communications hence a lot of changes within schools systems across the world. It has changed ideas, values and knowledge as well as the roles of students and teachers leading a shift in society from industrialization to an information-based society.


From the cultural point of view, globalization is seen as the process of harmonizing different cultures and beliefs. This process has encoded differences in culture and produced a seamless global system of culture and economic values. This can be ascertained by the way it has affected cultural practices. The new technology based on computer and satellite communications has indeed revolutionized our traditional conception of the media, both print and electronic. The fact that we are human does not mean we are the same. Globalization has transformed us just like the cells of the body change. In this case, culture changes exactly the same way human beings change since it is dynamic.

In addition, awareness of globalization is on the increase and no one wants to be left behind. Because of that, the economic activities of women in Nigeria have been highly affected, and they have even taken up those economic activities that were exclusively reserved for men.


One of the benefits of globalization is that it has made markets more efficient by increasing completion. It has also limited military conflicts and most importantly, it has ensured equal distribution of wealth around the world. Economists agree that globalization has provided a net benefit to all nations around the world and therefore it is advisable to be embraced wholly by both governments and individuals of different nations.

The phenomenon has contributed to foreign investment, helped boost technology transfer, industrial restructuring, and the growth of global companies. It is also notable that technology innovation has increased as it is fueled by the completions brought about by globalization. Economies of scale have also been realized due to bigger markets and therefore reducing the cost of production of goods because of economies of scale.

Besides the good impacts of globalization on the economy, it can also cause global instability due to the interdependence of nations. Secondly, it can cause conflicts nationally and internationally because of inequalities created by wealthy countries and individuals. Thirdly, some leaders can negatively view national sovereignty and in turn, lead to xenophobic or nationalistic leaders.


Sustainable economic development is a public health issue. Richard Feachem, Director of the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, acknowledges that the risks and adverse consequences of globalization must be confronted, but argues, They must not be allowed to obscure its overall positive impact on health and development. Due to globalization, national borders have been rendered irrelevant, trafficking of illicit drugs such as cigarette smuggling, undocumented migration, money laundering and global climate change have become trans-border phenomena that are challenging the capacity of governments in order to regulate them effectively. The issue of the quick spread of out breakss is because of globalization.


Activities around the world show that globalization has led to the increase in the consumption of products, which in turn has affected the ecological cycle. It has also caused the growth of industries since raw materials can fetch anywhere in the world where they are available. Consequently, the consumption of fuel used to transportation of these materials has increased and thus increasing pollution caused by the agents of transport. The gasses emitted from the aircraft have led to the depletion of the ozone layer besides increasing greenhouse effect.

Due to the industrialization caused by globalization various chemicals have been thrown into the soil causing damage to plants and leading to the growth of toxic weeds as well. In addition, vast barren lands have been encroached to pave the way for new buildings as population increases. There is a need to take good care of the environment, and private companies are the only solution over this since they would invoke the rest in conservation as completion is involved.


From the above points on globalization, it is clear that it has both positive and negative impacts on different aspects of human life. Apart from the cultural and environmental sectors that have been completely affected all the other areas of discussion at least displays some positive facts on globalization. Economically, it is a positive process that affect its growth in a directly. Other aspects of life display globalization as a marginal process that take place gradually and not suddenly.


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