Essay Example: Killing Wild Animals for Fun or Status Is Morally Wrong

Published: 2019-06-03
Essay Example: Killing Wild Animals for Fun or Status Is Morally Wrong
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Some laws might make sports hunting legally right but morally it is wrong and unacceptable. It is wrong to terminate the life of an animal for fun or status. For whatever reason or benefit hunting wild animals is not beneficial and should be banned. What is morally wrong might not be legally wrong but whatsoever the case, common sense dictates that all human beings must live in harmony with everything that is on earth.

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Sport hunting should no longer be considered as a recreation activity because it has led to the extinction of various species. This causes a loss of biological diversity, genetic integrity and ecological balance (Bill Davis, 2009). Resources on earth for all live beings are finite, and those who claim that failure to hunt would make the wild animals overpopulate hence encroach into human areas are not only wrong but also mistaken. Nature can look after itself and all animals would thrive in the environment based on their predatory nature. Hunting other living beings is wrong because no substantial reasons can stand against their right to continue living. Those who kill wild animals for fun can be compared to serial killers who select, stalk and kill fellow human beings. This is not killing for survival but killing to gain pleasure or some status. We must understand that all living beings have the right to enjoy life and thrive for fun. Therefore, some beings using their superiority for personal gains at the expense of others is unacceptable and is morally wrong. I defend our wild animals because their existence has various benefits to the earth and the human beings.

There is a greater need to protect our wildlife species from extinction through barbaric acts such as sport hunting because we need to preserve the beauty of the earth and protect its biodiversity. This moral wrong is justified by the fact that our survival on earth as human beings is influenced by the preservation of biodiversity which is dependent on the survival of every living being. How are we preserving this biodiversity if we purport to kill other living being for fun and status? Clearly, we are eliminating other beings indirectly. The interdependence among living beings calls for respect for life and proper care to ensure no life is eliminated for baseless reasons. For instance, fish act as proteins for human beings and bees are responsible for pollination of flowers. This is clear evidence of the relations and interdependence among human beings. Killing or trying to eliminate the life of other beings creates an imbalance in the biodiversity and hence the need to stop unnecessary killing.

Hunting is also painful to the animals and the species that they get injured without being killed undergo through a lot of pain afterwards. Hence, human beings must continue performing their role of securing and protecting the ecosystems and watching over the wild animals who need our care to survive. Human beings must not continue sitting down and assuming that killing for recreation is not bad but must stand up and fight for the rights of these animals which are killed for fun activities. Who will speak for the animals if we all nod in agreement to the aged tradition of sport hunting?

Wildlife conservation should be a priority for any nation that seeks to promote tourism and preservation of nature. There is a greater necessity to enact and subscribe to wildlife protection laws, laws that only serve to fight for the wild animals and bear thorough consequences to those who purport to hunt for fun. Hands should be kept off the wild animals. Wildlife contributes a lot to the economy of a nation through the tourism sector. The tourism sector contributes a lot to a nation, not only in a financial sense but also through strengthening its relations with other countries. International tourism helps foster better relations among nations and boosts the countrys economy. Domestic tourism allows citizens to enjoy what their country offers and at the same time creating good relations among the citizens. Tourism has various benefits that it brings to a nation. Tourism does not necessarily depend on wildlife but we cannot ignore the fact that wildlife plays a primary function in the tourism industry of a nation. A country that fails to protect its wildlife by continuously turning a blind eye to barbaric acts such as killing animals for fun and status is bound to destroy its tourism industry.

The alarming rate at which the endangered species are being killed should serve as a call for us to understand that such valuable species indicate environmental quality. Losing a single species has an impact on other species and thus it is essential to conserve biological diversity which is essential for maintaining intact ecosystems. (Frank Mazotti, 2002)Therefore, every nation must strive to guard its wild animals from those who do not the life and benefits in them, because they are after fulfilling their own pleasures. Destruction of the tourism industry means loss of jobs to citizens and reduced revenues for the government from this sector. No sane man needs to be convinced that this is wrong to millions of people. Therefore, it is clear that wild animals are major contributors of tourism and thus must be guarded by all means. Those who carelessly or intentionally kill wild animals for fun or whatsoever reasons should be treated as enemies of development; enemies of the nation; enemies of the people; enemies of beauty and nature. They must be treated as such and ought to face the law.

Environmental and animal advocates must continue to push for the complete banning of hunting. This is because, this act done for pleasure inflicts pain and suffering on the animals unlike natural predation. Hunting has contributed to the extinction of several animal species such as the Tasmanian tiger and the great auk. (PETA, 2015)Hunting accidents have resulted in destruction of property, massive injuries and death of other animals. Statistics in the US indicate a high number of injuries that can be attributed to hunting accidents by humans. This is an indicator of how messed up and morally wrong this recreational killing of wild animals is. Recreational hunting should be banned and serious legislations should be enacted to monitor the same. However, citizens must stop being indolent and become more vigilant in the struggle to fight the lords of recreational hunting. For instance, members of the public should fully support all wildlife conservation programs and activities and should contribute to debates and dialogues on how to best secure our wild animals. They also ought to report any violation of conservation laws to state authorities and cooperate with them in their activities. By so doing, more of the endangered species will stand a chance to survive.

In conclusion, sport hunting, recreational hunting and killing for pleasure and status is morally wrong and no state should tolerate such barbaric actions.


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