Give Me the Wall; I'll Give You Dreamers. Paper Example

Published: 2023-05-01
Give Me the Wall; I'll Give You Dreamers. Paper Example
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Since his election to the presidency of the United States of America, President Donald Trump has been so aggressive on the issue of immigrants and particularly illegal immigrants who flock to the states. His concern, however, surprising many people with its level of bitterness has always been for the best. In his opinion, regulating immigrants and monitoring people coming and staying in America from other countries is mainly for the security of Americans. Security, in this case, would mean in terms of human trafficking, terrorism, as well as illegal drug dealing. It is a fight that he intended to stop by all means and most people did not realize his seriousness until when he commissioned the construction of the famous wall. This wall would make a permanent barrier between America and Mexico along the border.

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Trump started by working on the significant loopholes that sneaked illegal immigrants into the country like the Mexican board wall and Muslim countries' visas. Trump later commissioned a move to stop DACA an organization that gives privileges to foreigners known as Dreamers to get a work permit and extend their stay in America. Referring to the president's move and his statement, "Give me the war I'll give you dreamers" and looking at the whole idea about the Mexico wall and DACA it is imperial to say that the two issues are individually significant and that they both serve the same purpose.

The Mexico border wall

Starting with the wall, this was one of Donald's promises during his run for the Whitehouse. Though not implemented, Donald is fighting tirelessly for the commissioning and funding of this wall to pass by all means. Initially, his idea was that Mexico would pay for the $5.6 billion wall which seemed good for Americans and thus a lot of people supported the move. It turned out later that the Mexican government was not willing to fund the wall, which strokes a massive discrepancy for the project. But still, Trump would not stop there; he turned to the congressmen and pleaded with them to fund the wall. That would mean that taxpayers would have to fund the $5.6 billion wall (Gulf Times, 2019). The thought of that alone changed people's minds about the wall so Americans' support of the project drop to 49% out of the overwhelming trumps supporter's population. The thing is, it's not that people do not support the idea of the wall; it is only that they are not willing to pay for the price.

Americans are confident that the wall will be for the good of everyone and, most importantly, the security of the country. Some are even willing to fund the wall directly. Brian Kolfage, for example, a US Army veteran, started a GoFundMe page that has seen people directly raise $22.2 million (Fiala, 2015). At the same time, the government in march 2019 released a sum of $1 billion to the army engineering for the initial progress of the project. Americans are overwhelmed by the issue of illegal immigrants frocking the country to tap into their resources. Illegal immigrants are overwhelming America in that they come in and take advantage of the privileges and freedom of natives that could otherwise belong to America. Although faced by financial challenges, it is almost sure that the issue of the Mexico border wall means everything to America.

The Dreamers' bill

Most South American countries and Mexico included are war tone nations faced by civil war, epidemics, and poverty. This reason makes most of these people move towards the American border in aid for asylum. When they can't get legal access through the border, some of them are forced to sneak illegally to find rescue in America mainly through the southern border becoming illegal immigrants. It is true to say that America turns out to be a safe place to stay compared to other countries, which is why perhaps many people find a way to move in. In 2017, for example, over 600 000 people who came legally to America through various means overstayed their visas through to the next year. It is perhaps for the same reason that there were over 1.6 million illegal immigrants in 2000. In seeking asylum and refuge, illegal immigrants frock the country even with the best intentions for themselves, and it becomes almost impossible to lock all of them out, especially children. It is for that reason that the senet commissioned a plan that would cost billions of dollars to protect 3.6 million undocumented immigrants who moved to America for asylum as children and stays illegally (Bono, 2014).

Through the Senate's plan, dreamers would the privilege to extend their stay in America and get a working permit as a way to sustain their survival. Unfortunately, the president gets in his effort to stop illegal immigration, blocked the senate's bill, and still stood with his plan of building the wall instead. In my opinion, the idea of the Senate bill to protect the Dreamers is one unthought-of idea that by implementing this bill, the government would reduce the number of illegal immigrants and be in a position to fight on with a lot of ease. It would be almost worthless to have such an expensive only meant to lock unwanted people in the country. The government would instead consider the Dreamer's bill as a way of cleaning up the immigration mess as they build the wall to lock out any more cases.

Combining the two issues to serve the purpose

The two issues of building the wall and DACA may not be similar in effectiveness and execution, but they serve the same purpose. The idea of Trump being willing to give in the Senate bill in exchange for the funding of the wall seems to be a win-win and success for all. It is indeed a move that will serve the interest of the nation as a full package. It is, therefore, correct to say that combining these two issues in the effort to fight illegal immigration is of paramount significance. Not only because it solves the American problem of overwhelming unlawful immigrants but also because it has positive consequences and follows compelling ethical implications.

It is imperative to say that the combination of the Mexico border wall and the Dreamers' bill is a good idea. As a way of curbing illegal entry of immigrants through the southern border is a particular way of America trying to keep their country safe at the same time maintaining a good relationship with Mexico. Looking at the two issues independently, may not be so ethical to implement one or the other by itself alone, however, combining the two gives leverage to each party. The moral implication of the combined effort of the two issues is that it shows compassion in doing what is diplomatically right for America but seemingly not so kind for Mexico. In this way, by building the wall to act as a physical barrier for people moving from Mexico to America freely, it would be seemingly unfair for people seeking asylum from Mexico.

The ethical implications of a combined purpose of the two issues

As much as building border walls looks like a sign of oppression and brutality, it comes a time where it is the only option to protect the interest of the nation. Looking at how the southern border has affected Americans in terms of drugs, gangs, and violence, it seems like one of those times when a hard decision has to be on the line. Even looking at historical statistics, walls have been built since the world war to protect nations. Since then, countries like Israel, Germany, and other nations have to build border walls, and more are doing the same for selfish interests.

Barriers between countries may look like a symbol of a lack of diplomacy between the two countries. But that is not always the case. In the case of America and Mexico, it is not so much that the two nations are civil enemies. It is only that perhaps there needs to be a barrier, whether physical or not, to prevent illegal activities between the two countries. Looking at the ethical part of it, however, and particularly the wall-building issue, it raises a lot of questions.

Going back to history, the story of the Berlin Wall reminds everyone that building a physical fence does not necessarily mean peace or protection. It could mean divided effort and hate among nations. The Berlin Wall was built between the East and the West to prevent citizens from the East from moving freely for the freedom of the west. It stayed so until in 1987 when Ronald Reagan finally came to Berlin and brought the wall down to bring peace and prosperity. It is lame to think that physical barriers would bring peace among nations. Building a wall is a lame solution for a social or political problem. Instead, good ideas of peace and justice would serve better. Therefore, it is accurate to say that the concept of the Mexican wall by itself does not have ethical implications (Fiala, 2015).

Donald Trump's idea of letting dreamers stay in exchange for the Mexico wall, however, changes the whole perspective of the story. There are indeed over 3.6 million people who are in America unlawfully, and some of who have nowhere else to call home. They came over seeking asylum with their parents and don't know where else to go. If the government of America was to deport all the illegal immigrants today, the motherland of these people, which I believe Mexico serves a majority of them would have to be handed over the responsibility.

It is a big task to dilute the resources of a nation to house that much number of people, especially during this trying time. The worst part is that Donald Trump can and is willing to do that for the interest of Americans (Campbell, 2018). That would be even more brutal to the immigrants and Mexico. Instead, Trump in the spirit of empathy and continued good neighborhood have considered not only not deporting the unregistered immigrants but also granting them equal privileges that would allow them to have an extended peaceful stay in America. In exchange, all he wants is to build that wall to ensure that he does not have to have the same problem in the future. Trump's move to accept the Dreamers' bill, therefore, becomes the leverage that serves Mexico to extend their good neighborhood by relieving them a responsibility that would otherwise be so overwhelming. Looking at the two issues as a combined entity to serve the same purpose of controlling illegal immigration, accurately, one can say that the move has ethical implications.


In my conclusion, I highly believe that Trump's move to support the Dreamers' bill in exchange for funding of the wall is ethical as an entity. It is indeed a good idea because it serves the two nations mutually. The southern border is a threat to the security of America since it is the gateway to drugs, gangs, and violence. As such Trump commissioning the construction of a physical wall comes as a control measure to keep his country safe. At the same time, in the spirit of good neighborhood and empathy, Trump chooses to support the Dreamers' Bill. It is an effort to ensure that all the illegal immigrants who came to America as children and that would otherwise be homeless if deported are protected and given an extended stay in America and privileges to earn a living. The combined result of the two issues brings out an idea that creates an equilibrium to serve the two nations with ethical implications.


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