Free Essay Example. Gerontological Vulnerability

Published: 2023-02-15
Free Essay Example. Gerontological Vulnerability
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Older age refers to the time of life surpassing or nearing the life expectancy of human beings. In other words, it is the last stage of human life cycle. Older adults usually possess limited regenerative capabilities, and therefore, they are more vulnerable to diseases and other complications that interfere with their general health. Some common impediments among the older population include physical injuries, syndromes, as well as illnesses. Old age is therefore a vulnerability that should be perceived like any other disease.

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The elderly also face some social issues including loneliness, retirement, and ageism. The above factors, therefore, makes the older generation to be more vulnerable than other groups of populations. The risk of diseases, physical injuries and loneliness often kill the social morale and the ability of the elderly to enhance their lives, economically, physically and even socially (Duncan & Schaller, 2009). Their interaction becomes limited as their age mates become less. The older generation, therefore, needs help in different aspects to ensure that they live a normal life just like other people (Kjolseth, Ekeberg, & Steihaug, 2009). From my personal experience before my grandfather passed away, he had the difficulty in movement, he was vulnerable and prone to diseases.

There are different interventions that can be undertaken to eliminate some of the risk associated with elderly people. First, they should be put under proper medical care and supervision; this explains why older generation in the developed countries are given attention by the government. Also, the older adults should be entitled to healthy living; in other words, they should be encouraged to make healthy organic foods and embrace physical exercise so that their bodies remain active (Kjolseth, et. al., 2009). With physical exercise, their bodies can become more resistant to diseases and also, they can avoid unnecessary physical injuries. The older generation needs to put under government care, there are always some cases, where these groups of people or neglected by their families based on their incapability, this often increases their troubles and health complications. Government intervention will, therefore, enhance their care as they become older.


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