Ill Effects of Underage Drinking - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-14
Ill Effects of Underage Drinking - Essay Sample
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Alcohol is the most widely abused substance among youths in America (Harding et al., 2016). Every day, more and more youths are introduced to alcohol consumption. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (2020), teenagers consume 4.1 percent of all alcohol abused in the US, and nearly 4.2 million teenagers were reported to have consumed alcohol in 2019. What remains worrying is that most people do not realize that underage alcohol consumption is a serious issue for teenagers. Underage drinking has severe underlying effects like causing premature deaths, school problems, and social problems.

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Underage drinking is a leading factor for the premature deaths of many teenagers in the US, including deaths occurring from homicides, falls, burns, motor vehicle accidents, suicides, alcohol overdose, among others (Harding et al., 2016). Drinking leads to poor decisions relating to taking risks such as violent behavior or aggression, risky sexual behavior, and drinking and driving, which are death-causing behaviors. For instance, people are usually discouraged not to drink and drive since drinking makes them drowsy; hence cannot adequately control a car. Therefore, they mostly end up crashing, thus their death. Also, alcohol holds a complex connection with health, influencing it in multiple ways (The Lancet, 2018). Regular underage drinking severely affects body tissues and organs, and acute intoxication of tissues can cause poisoning or health problems (The Lancet, 2018). Specifically, there is a strong association between drinking and the risk of cancer and heart disease, which are high death risk factors. Therefore, underage drinking leads to premature deaths.

Besides, underage drinking can undermine the daily routine of a teenager (Dryden-Edwards, 2019). Attending high school is critical for teenagers as it helps them develop their future. If teenagers do not commit themselves to high school, they are setting up for failure. Nearly two-thirds of high school students who pass their exams are non-drinkers, while most of those who fail report to have engaged in binge drinking (Dryden-Edwards, 2019). This is because teenage drinkers tend to prioritize drinking over other vital obligations in their life such as learning, especially if they are addicts. Dryden-Edwards (2019) describes that teenagers who consume alcohol during their high school are more likely to drop out compared to those who do not. This is because drinking teenagers would more likely consume alcohol with other substances, especially marijuana, which reduces their educational competence. Therefore, underage drinkers are likely to experience a disorganized school life.

Moreover, underage drinking induces social problems (Harding et al., 2016). Teenagers who engage in drinking are likely to experience negative social outcomes since their physical and mental faculties would usually have a slow development (Harding et al., 2016). Alcohol drinking is highly associated with disrupted normal growth and sexual development of a teenager, as well as memory problems. According to Dryden-Edwards (2019), teenagers who engage in drinking usually experience a hard time as adults in putting their life together compared to their peer non-drinkers because alcohol undermines the development of social responsibility and psychological development. Poor memory development leads to a lack of engagement in youth activities and immoral behaviors such as violence which are uncalled for in society. Therefore, underage drinkers are more likely to experience social problems.

In conclusion, underage drinking is a significant issue in today’s society. Teenage drinking triggers early deaths, school problems, and social problems. It is a dream of every teenager to live a long, healthy, and successful life; however, all is unachievable if one engages in underage drinking. Accordingly, every teenager must realize that it is their personal responsibility to avoid alcoholism for them to live a healthy and sustainable life.


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