CRM Use Case and Integration, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-02-24
CRM Use Case and Integration, Free Essay Sample
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After review of these three CRM platforms, the HubSpot CRM was the choice for Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport. This is because HubSpot CRM platform helps to keep track of deals, prospects, customers, and also linking notes, phone calls and emails. It proved to be a great asset in streamlining operations at Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport and increasing the quality of services provided to our customers. HubSpot is advantageous as it can track all activities and can generate push notifications within the airline. Compared to the other two CRM platforms, HubSpot has better integration with 3rd party software, thus it is integrated with a mobile app which collects data on consumer behavior. Customers earn points when they make purchases in the airline. Even though Britix24 has some good features, it was not chosen as the system does not have a history of correspondence hence sends each letter and email separately. This makes it user unfriendly when sending emails to consumers as our airport is huge and busy (Finance Online, 2017). Britrix24 gives free product updates and technical support only for the first year of usage. As for Agile CRM, the platform has a limited view of contacts thus not suitable for a large organization and a busy company like our airport. Also, Agile CRM has some user tasks which are not friendly such as setting up forms and email templates hence making it hard to collect data on consumer behavior and the push notifications based on geolocation within the airport.

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Therefore, depending on the pros and cons of the CRM platforms discussed above, HubSpot is the top choice for Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport as it has an impressive combination of friendly features to our company. Since we are operating a big company, HubSpot ca accommodate a large number of contacts at no cost, unlike Agile CRM.

The selected HubSpot CRM helps to analyze all marketing and metric scales. This solves the question, "How would this program generate additional business for the airport?" This is because HubSpot does marketing for the airline to be easy which leads to increased sales thus generating additional business for the airport. One of the advantages of HubSpot is that bunch of marketing activities can be completed in one-piece software. HubSpot marketing system focus on helping organizations grow traffic and lead to increased conversations through content editing, customizable workflows and also great distribution outreach. In the airport, HubSpot will be able to prod contacts in the sales funnel; it will stay actively feeding the marketing and sales people with gleaned insights from the several elements which are accumulated in the contact database. This will entail giving valuable information out of consumer behavior and also provide a track of consumer interactions in the airline (Finance Online, 2017).

HubSpot uses mobile app features; many of the consumers in the airlines mainly use smartphones which run on either iOS or Android. This CRM gives access to most marketing and sales data to many consumers at a go leading to increased business in the airport. This platform provides a fresh perspective where the employees are so close to the store every day. Marketing expertise brings a valuable outside to the company that will lead to new programs and ideas that reduce costs while driving business in the airlines forward. This experience brings the best practices of marketing and will eventually lead to growth in the airport business. This platform also ensures that the marketing plan is consistent in placement, message and the budget thus reducing overhead costs which in turn generates additional business in the Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport.

The above figure (Finance Online, 2017) shows the advantages of employing HubSpot in any business. All these lead to additional growth of the business. Hence, a conclusion can be drawn that this platform will lead to further business in Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport.

With Geolocation information and sales information at Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport, using HubSpot CRM will enable to create a dynamic map of the visuals of companies deals and contacts. This will help to understand the consumers travel behavior, location information, the persona of the trip, and the purchasing data which we can understand between a family vacation and a business trip (Goicochea, 2017). This will assist in targeting consumers in few minutes by use of filtration and grouping customers by what they consume. Powerful consumer and opportunity visualization while at the airport will help to ensure not to miss any valuable consumer.

When using sales information, Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport sales information will determine the open location for any tracked email depending on the IP address of the person using it. The location of any particular use will vary because of the nature of internet service providers (ISP) and IP address. All this will make Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport reports on the website analytics which will be used in future to make more well-informed decisions on the growth of the airlines. Using this platform at Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport will enhance search engine optimization (SEO) which will be useful in determining the rate of interest (ROI) (Goicochea, 2017).

Because HubSpot is easy to integrate with other software as earlier discussed, it is easier to integrate and also integrated with mobile apps; many of the consumers in our airlines use mostly android OS and iOS which also support the platform. This makes it easy for us to integrate our system with other large chains which also provide the service. This other chains which provide the service include fast food chains such as Subway, MC Donalds and Wendy's. Also, HubSpot can accommodate a large number of contacts; we can extend it also to other large airlines in our airport. These other airlines include American Airlines, Delta, Qatar Airways and also Southwest. This is possible because HubSpot has an allowance for many contacts making it suitable for a large and busy airport like Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport. This makes HubSpot collect data on consumer behavior enabling points to be earned when purchases are made in the airline.

For any other CRM system to be chosen, it is important for our airline to choose a CRM system that is closely tailored to the business goals of our organization. What will guide us in choosing this system is our customer management services which include:

Track of the habits, preferences and action of the customers

Managing customer contact information

Managing the customer service requests

Track of industry trends

For instance, if the above points are to be considered, in a business airline trip, we will need to integrate stationery supplies in our airline. The habits and preferences of business people are books and stationery, and this is an emerging trend in the air transport industry. It makes us integrate stationary suppliers in our system. This may lead us to partner with stationary suppliers which include: Airline Stationary Inc and Airport Suppliers.


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