Essay Example on National Security Challenges Facing the United States

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on National Security Challenges Facing the United States
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The three primary national security issues that are affecting the United States are the nuclear war that is going on between North Korea and the United States, electronic warfare and the biotechnology techniques. For many years, the United States has remained to not only control their security through various security agencies but also control World security (Sarkesian et al., 2008). However, their dominance in controlling security in the world is getting deem each day due to new developments in the security sectors. The national security team in the United States are at now faced by various security issues that they have to find critical answers to; otherwise, the world may enter another world war.

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A nuclear war between the United States and North Korea has been on the heat and news headlines are on the issue almost daily. Debates have been made concerning the problem but, still, no one is aware of what is in the heart of the two presidents (Sarkesian et al., 2008). There is a shooting war, which is looming between North Korea and the United States of America over the issue of nuclear war.

The United States president expects that the North Korean President to turn down and forget and give up the nukes. On the other hand, the North Korean Government is also not ready to give up the nuclear threats (Sarkesian et al., 2008). This issue is not a simple one, as many may see it. For the first time, tension is building up so high, and there is a need for critical thoughts for the two nations to seize throwing words that can lead to the launching of an attack any soon. Until when the United States disarms North Korea, this will continue to be a national security concern that United States security agencies must no sleep before solving.

The United States national security is also fighting electronic warfare. With the development in technology, the attackers that make it difficult for the protection to curb are using various forms of technological weapons and attacks. Since technologically enhanced crimes are not that easy to predict, United States national security has found a lot of difficulties in trying to curb the issue. Moreover, some nations are building some of the deadly technologies that can be used to destruct the United States communication system (Sarkesian et al., 2008). United States communication network is considered to be the most technical in the world, suppose technology is designed to destroy this framework, then it can be depicted that no country in the world is safe since all other communication security protocols can easily be broken into.

The United States satellites and the computer systems are as well in danger with the emerging of these deadly technologies. This can be as well considered as a significant security concern in the country. Additionally, countries like Russia and China are developing more sophisticated weapons that are deadly; for instance, republic China developed the fastest war jet on earth called the stealth Earth jet. These discoveries are security threats to the United States National security.

Of the recent security issues that are affecting the United States security agencies in the development of bio-weaponized technology. This weapon is a weapon of mass destruction that I launched by an attacker can kill many people by just inhaling or any other means depending on how it is made. Terrorists are currently developing, and the United States security has not been able to determine the best approach through which they can use to eliminate the threat (Sarkesian et al., 2008). Moreover, terrorist and criminals are using biotechnology in creating DNA modification, which they can use to come up with super-soldiers, which is a threat to the United States Security Council.

The three major issues that are addressed in the paper are national issues that the United States must find means of dealing with to ensure that they protect themselves and also to protect other nations. There are, however, various suggestions that if put to use can help in reducing the effects of these concern (Sarkesian et al., 2008). The first proposals are to call for the dialogue between the United States and North Korea to help in finding a solution to the problem of nuclear launching instead of playing which country controls which one. The issues of the atomic launch is not an easy issue to joke with, and the two nations need to embrace the peaceful way of solving the problems.

A problem of threats of use of improved technology should not be a problem to the United States. The country needs to update their security protocols and communication system to use the new tech that cannot be matched by any attacker. This way, they will be able to detect any attempt of intrusion. Concerning the biotechnology, it is essential that the United States deploy intelligence to find the source of the biotech to destroy it. The United States is having some of the best intelligence in the world they can use them.


In conclusion, it can be depicted that the United States is faced by some security challenges. It is important to note that bot only the mentioned problems in this presentation are the only problems that faces the United States Security Council. Nevertheless, they are the major challenges that are faced. The government needs to employ the proposed strategies to help solve these issues.


Sarkesian, S. C., Williams, J. A., & Cimbala, S. J. (2008). US national security: policymakers, processes, and politics. Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

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