German Expressionism and Editing Meanings in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and The Birds: Essay Sample

Published: 2023-04-01
German Expressionism and Editing Meanings in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and The Birds: Essay Sample
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Alfred Hitchcock worked in the engineering field for a short period before joining the film industry in the year 1920. He was very well known for his film making and directing that is why even most of the people may not believe that he was once an Engineer. He was born in London, England but later in 1939, he went to Hollywood where he got to start his first film American film entitled Rebecca which won the Best Picture in the Academy Awards. This paper is an analysis of two films by Alfred Hitchcock directed between 1940 and 1965. It analyses the aesthetic choices that are seen in the film, the German expressionism, and the editing meanings.

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The Master of Suspense was the pseudonym he was assigned to and in 1979 he was given the AFI's Life Achievement Award. He was raised by very strict Catholic parents and he also defined his child's life as sheltered and lonely saying it was partly caused by his obesity(Morais, Mourelle and Nedjah, 2018). He was used to getting punishments regularly from his parents and he mentioned that his mother used to force him to position himself at the edge of her bed for some hours and the scene has later alluded in the film Psycho which was one of the films he directed.

The idea of being austerely treated or false accusations was later replicated in Alfred's films. Before attending art courses at the University of London, Hitchcock went to St. Ignatius College and afterward, he acquired employment as an advertising designer and draftsman for the cable incorporation Henley's. He started writing and submitting undersized articles for the domestic publication while he was working at Henley's. He used themes of conflicted emotions, false accusations and twist finales with remarkable skills since his first piece.

Hitchcock joined the film production with a twenty-four-hour position at one of the company's scheming label cards for silent movies. Within a few years of experience, he was promoted to work as the assisting director. Marnie (1964), Psycho (1960) and The Birds (1963) were some of his most prominent movies(Morais, Mourelle and Nedjah, 2018). His workings became distinguished for their portrayals of ferocity, even though numerous plots that he made merely acting as snares meant to function as an instrument for considering intricate psychological atmospheres.

He was made a cultural icon by appearing in his television programs, interviews, movie trailers and mainly showing up in his movies. The movie Psycho has been extolled for having formed the archetypical foundation for every horror movie that came after its release. It is considered to be one of his greatest achievements, or rather his greatest since the mass say that for more than thirty years since its release, it has upheld and can indisputably be credited to its universality.

In the film, Alfred consents the viewers to be an independent personality within the scheme to improve the movie's psychosomatic effects for the viewers which are enforced to distinguish its neurosis and psychological insufficiencies as it is constrained to recognize, for variations of lengths of periods, with the changing characters of the movie's main characters. Hitchcock portrays an escalating subject in Psycho in which its basis is the infinity subliminal conflict between evil and good which has its existence in everybody through the listeners and viewer's subjective involvement and inherent character counterparts(Howarth,2017). The movie kicks off with the sight of a city that is indiscriminately recognized alongside with a meticulous time and date.

Seemingly, the camera is at random, first selects one amongst the numerous buildings and also one of the numerous windows to discover in advance before the audience gets to be acquainted with Sam and Marion. The usage of random choice by Alfred imposes a normalcy sense for the listeners and viewers. The fact that the city and room were arbitrarily identified impresses upon the audience that their own lives could randomly be applied to the events that are about to follow.

The Birds is the other horror movie analyzed in this essay which was also directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The genre in this film makes a setting for the audience to fear and be scared of the birds which impose an escalation of the viewer's adrenaline flash towards the expectancy of the subsequent interval that the birds may attack. One of the series illustrates when the birds' attacks while Melanie Daniels and Mitch Brenner had dinner together(Mogg,2017). The most substantial act of this series is one mother from one of the schools known as Bodaga Bay School alleges Melanie Daniels of causing the attack by the birds.

In conclusion, no art form is ever produced without sense or in a vacuum; the outside environment always influences or affects the content and themes of the art in various ways. The adaptations of the birds in the film comprise a more symbolic political and allusive meaning. The origin of the conflict is the birds, plotting a representative status of dissonance. Moreover, the course of the evaluation is not so clear, as the basis of the bird assaults is more problematic to recognize.


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