Free Essay: A Personal Goal Statement for Enrollment into Graduate School

Published: 2023-02-23
Free Essay: A Personal Goal Statement for Enrollment into Graduate School
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I am writing to express my interest in joining the Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP) program offered by your University. I hold a bachelor's degree in health studies marketing and management. My academic aspiration is advancing my studies to enable me to apply my knowledge in health care administration. The main reason for applying for this program is because I acknowledge it as a major building block for fulfilling my vision of becoming a CEO of a hospital one day in the future.

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I have taken vital strides towards the preparation of the ADP program intending to fulfill my career goal. First and foremost, my undergraduate degree is an essential prerequisite for this program. My GPA for the degree was slightly lower due to the personal challenges I experienced during my studies. These personal issues were due to grief as I lost my father, grandmother, and an uncle within two years. To make matters worse, I had to maneuver my full-time studies schedule with work to raise my kid. All these challenges didn't break my spirit because I completed my studies well. With this program, my studies won't be challenged by personal issues because I currently work as an insurance broker and my child is all grown up, therefore, I will dedicate more time to studies. Moreover, my stable working conditions will be important in financing my studies smoothly.

My main professional aim is towards administering a health facility. I appreciate the developmental psychology program as a contributing element towards achieving this vision. Developmental psychology focuses on studies about the types of changes that affect human being's life, especially during childhood. Developmental psychologists are mainly tasked with aiding in maintaining the independence of the elderly, examining young people on cases of developmental disability, or perform research on how to improve situations attributed to the numerous environmental changes in children. I recognize the numerous careers that are related to the ADP program, which include; educational specialists, hospital facilitators, rehabilitation counselors, researchers, substance abuse social worker, and residential youth treatment specialist. With the completion of the program, I will be equipped with one of the above careers thus enabling me to attain my vision.

With the numerous universities offering developmental psychology programs in the US, I chose Capella University's online program of master's in psychology, child and adolescent development. The degree will steer me to becoming a leader and an expert in institutions that address children and adolescent issues. The program will equip me with the ability to evaluate and research the social and mental health issues affecting these young people. The reason I chose the university is because of its stunning offer of flexibility through online learning because my work schedule would not be impacted by these studies. Additionally, the university is an accredited institution that guarantees top-notch learning that will enable me to understand ways to advocate and advance principles and policies for children, adolescents, and their families.

Being a health studies marketing and management graduate with aspirations to effectively administer a health organization in the future, I am confident that Capella University's online program of master's in psychology, child and adolescent development will sustain my success academically and professionally. I look forward to your positive response once you review my application.

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