Essay Example: Media, Crime, and Criminal Justice

Published: 2022-11-07
Essay Example: Media, Crime, and Criminal Justice
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There is much dispute over the effects and significance of media consumption particularly for crime and criminal justice. A good example is of a survey carried out in London where most of the people claimed to get information about police from the media particularly the local newspapers, the television news and documentaries. The statistical information is from 80 per cent of the people interviewed. Crime representations and narratives have always been a huge part of all mass media content since both have been sources of well-liked spectacle and entertainment.

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In the fiction world, around 20 per cent of the total films in most years, are crime movies and close to half of all of them have noteworthy crime content. Crimes such as murder and other acts of violence appear vastly more habitually than property offences that preponderate in official statistics. Since the Second World War, British box office discovered that murder was the cardinal crime formidable majority of films throughout the phase. Studies have shown that the fiction world is mainly controlled by the actual happenings of the real world that are broadcasted through the media.

About the movie Nightcrawler, which is an American thriller we see Lou Bloom who is interested in making money so that he could survive who involved himself in criminal cases such as theft all in the aim to make money. One-night Lou comes across a car accident and finds a camera operator whom after a moment of conversation enabled Lou to get aware that he could make money out of selling such video footages to local news stations and later became very competitive in freelance crime journalism in Los Angeles. In this freelance crime journalism world, Lou interferes with crime scenes only to Provide Nina with an expert news director with the footages. Every media or news station will always try to provide attractive, quality and unique news to their customers to remain competitive in the media market and this we can see Lou making unique news which leads to companies being highly rated.

These crime cases in the film make it more interesting since we can see that some characters in it have been in crime scenes before Lou being a thief and his core worker Rick has also been involved in crime before since he also had been in prison before he met Lou. Some of the crimes employed in the film to make it more dramatic and successful are violence through frantic fights, murder, and fabrications these make the film a 21st-century movie.

Witch Hunt is an Australian crime drama by Shane Brennan in 1999. Shane talks about a young girl Hannah who went missing and the father accused Barbara, his mother-in-law of seizing her. This leads to the police investigating the matter amongst the family to find out what happened. In the process of investigation, the father David Overton explains his nightmares that he experienced after Linda's breakdown to the police who intern become unwilling to believe his case over the manipulative witch. In this film we find that the writers and producers prefer crime cases to make the whole film a success although in a different dimension from the of the nightcrawler since it involves myths and witches which are not so common in the real world, but the story behind these myths and witches seem to be so real as it involves kidnapping and police investigations which are cases that we commonly experience in today's' world.

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