Gender and Communication, Free Essay for You

Published: 2022-03-14
Gender and Communication, Free Essay for You
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After getting into the mall, I was surprised by the many decorations and welcoming notes that they had placed at the entrance. Most of them had images of girls and the messages written on them were directed towards the girls. The experience in this case made me realise that gender and communication is majorly oriented towards girls when looked from the messages and the kind of reception that was exhibited at the place. The best way to come up with a mall that is not gender biased is to refrain from using the welcoming messages and also ensure that those who are at the entrance of different or opposite sexes. This will make everything uniform and also reduce the issue of gender biasness.

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Task 1

The cards for girls were pink in colour while the card for the boys was brown in colour. The girls in the cards are portrayed playing with dolls while the boys in the cards are portrayed trying to construct some structures using plastics and cubes. This can be explained by the theory that states boys are more experienced and are normally rigid when it comes to socialization. In that case, the kind of colour chosen for them in the gift cards is dark and gloomy to portray this attitude.

The gift rappers for "Her" was full of shiny surfaces and also smoothened while the gift wrapper for "Him" was dull, rough and had minimal smooth surfaces. The "Her" gift wrapper portrayed the theme of love and positive attitude while the "His" gift wrapper portrayed the theme of sorrow and sadness. The main differences between the birthday cards for Mum and Dad is that one of them (Mum) shows a good family having some good time while the other one (Dad) shows a group of people working tirelessly so as to make ends meet. This can be understood by focusing on the theory that states the kind of parenting models that are used on children will make them to either become masculine or feminine. In this case, gender can only be understood from the kind of upbringing that one has experienced while going through the stages of life.

Task 2

The dolls appear to be marketed primarily for the girls and this is shown by the fact that picture used is showing a group of girls playing with dolls. The girls are also shown asking their parents to buy them dolls and the last one shows the doll wearing a dress to portray the girl's dress code. The guns appear to be marketed for the boys. The packaging used for the dolls is pink while the guns are packaged in black colour. The dolls are portraying a personal characteristic that is revolving around being jovial and always bright in various acts while the guns show an arrogant and fierce personality. The dolls are teaching the girls to be clean and humble while the guns teach the boys to be arrogant and angry over issues.

This can be explained by the theory men stereotypes in that they are depicted to be people who are always aggressive, strong and in charge. In that case, the gun is used to show that they bear this aspect and characteristic. The theory on women stereotypes can also be used to develop a better understanding of the personality of women in that they are always emotional, grooming and sexual.

The other theory that can be used to understand this is the one that states men tend to separate themselves for their family and that boosts their ego to become independent and strong. Thus, the kind of cards designed for them portrays people who are independent this trained. In addition, they are presented with guns as this is the toy that shows the kind of individuals they are when it comes to character and personality.

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