Essay Sample on Transforming Theory to Practical Application

Published: 2023-09-04
Essay Sample on Transforming Theory to Practical Application
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Studying refers to the time an individual spends reading, conceptualizing, and processing materials, as a review or to expand understanding of various aspects. Through studying, I was able to cover numerous elements that have enabled me to expand my interests and apply knowledge that I will use in the growth and development of my career. The various aspects include leadership and management, groups within organizations, communication, and spiritual gifts. I also managed to cover investments and investment appreciation, team performance strategies, problem-solving, and thinking processes throughout the course. These units will be the foundation for my career as a sales manager and insurance broker at my current organization, North American Senior Benefits, as discussed in this review.

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Through the course, we discussed holy spirit gifts. One of the gifts I discovered is wisdom, which I will use to decipher the customer's needs soon after engaging (Wimer, 2010). This will help me determine my approach and the best product for them, especially among our insurance products. The spiritual gift of giving will assist giving all my best, thus creating value in our products while at the same time initiating programs such as visiting the sick or the homeless, thus giving back to the society. Sales is a creative process, and as such, I will use it to introduce creative sales processes to connect better with our customers and create products that meet every need of the customer. Through the gift of cross-cultural ministry, I will be able to integrate it on our online platform such that my team can interact comfortably and confidently with any person from any background (Shearer, 2016). In an ever-evolving world, cultures are unavoidable, especially since immigration is a common phenomenon (Shearer, 2016). Integrating the gift of cross-culture communication will elevate our status and the company.

We also extensively covered the different roles played by management and leadership. Management comprises controlling teams, setting all the aims and objectives, and procedures of achieving the goals (Nayar, 2013). Leadership includes an individual ability to inspire, influence, motivate, and enable other individuals to contribute towards the organizational goals (Nayar, 2013). Sales is an extensive process and will require the application of both management and leadership skills. Team management in sales is critical since I will able to develop strategies to achieve the same. The management skills will assist me in controlling the sales teams. At the same time, having leadership skills in sales is critical. Sales teams need constant motivation. As such, I will use the leadership skills to motivate the various teams through an extensive commission system, setting smaller and smarter goals. I will lead by example through creating a strong character by building trust, and honesty as the fundamentals of my personality, thus inspiring my team. I will also create a culture of professional competence throughout the group, by establishing general business acumens, and being an expert on the company's services.

The extensive coverage of team communication and various problem-solving skills within the team will enhance how we develop solutions, communicate issues, and detailing our multiple services. Excellent communication skills are imperative in any business. The skills sometimes differentiate between failure and success. Through team communication skills, I will connect with the team members and members from other departments (Hänninen & Karjaluoto, 2017). Communication skills will enable me to develop a dynamic skill approach, especially in the contemporary world that is continuously changing and creating a sales pitch (Signoff, 2015). I will also be able to train the sales team of the same. Excellent communication skills from me as a leader and my team will transform into operation sufficiency and efficiency at all levels, leading to improved productivity and success. All the groups within the organization often encounter disagreements and conflicts. Through the course, I learned various ways of handling conflicts, including the individual approach, listening, focusing on the events and behaviors rather than the personalities, concentrating on the point of agreement and disagreement among others (Signoff, 2015). Sales involve dealing with customers with various characters, and that means conflicts may arise. My team will gain all the necessary skills to handle each uniquely to minimize the occurrences, thus boosting our customer experience.

Being an insurance broker and sales representative, the value of the services is critical. I will explain to my customers the current value of their investments, the risk they are exposed to, and the importance of insuring the same to protect value. To achieve this better, I will use both the skills of divergent and convergent thinking. I will use divergent thinking to develop many sales ideas and convergent thinking, to analyze, and determine how each of these ideas can be contextualized and conceptualized.

As a leader, solving conflict is a daily activity, if not an hourly process. As such, my expertise and procedures will enable me to effectively use a process that will develop a lasting solution (Llopis, 2013). Such will include identifying the conflict, analyzing it, and looking for the primary cause of conflict. Additionally, the conflicting members and I will develop alternate solutions and work through the implementation process (Llopis, 2013).


Studying is an integral part of any individual. Through education, one can identify and refine skills they did not know that they had. The acquired knowledge enables one to execute their duties better and develop practical solutions to every arising workplace issue. Over the past period, I was able to cover various aspects through studying, which are imperative in my current sales and insurance broker job. I was able to gain leadership and management skills that will enable me to communicate better, resolve conflicts efficiently, and foster growth and development in North American Senior Benefits.


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