Free Paper on the Economy Impact on Society's Pillars

Published: 2022-04-26
Free Paper on the Economy Impact on Society's Pillars
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Part 1: Matrix

Instructions: Complete the matrix below. Each cell/cube of the matrix needs to have a three- to five-sentence response.

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What have you read about how the economy impacts each of society's pillars today? (Use your textbook and other academic readings.) What have you observed about how the economy impacts each of society's pillars today? (Draw upon your own personal experience.) How does your community affect the pillars? How has technology affected each of the pillars?


The economy affects government decision. Government makes policies using the data of economic conditions in the country. For example, the government in the developing countries has in past had to lower interest rates to engineer growth in the economy. In times of inflation, government has to raise interest rates to restore normal level of inflation. For this reason, bad or good economic times affect the government policies. Economy and politics today has symbiotic relationship. The states of the economy affect government internal and external borrowing. Much of the effects of the economy on the politics is experience in developing economies. For example, positive economic growth in the country is measure of good political leadership in the country. The poor performing economy result from political instabilities, and issues of corruption. The community is the source political power in most country. It therefore shapes the political image of the country. The policies that politicians make affect the community both positively and negatively. For example, the decisions of the political leaders to invest in building social amenities help improve the standards of living of the people. Technology has shaped the politics of different countries. In the modern society, embraces the use of social media to trump support for their preferred political leaders. The spread of information in the modern world is fast and therefore decisions making on various aspects of life are fast.

Marriage and Family

Economy of the country affects marriage decisions. A booming economy guarantee jobs opportunities to many people. Many people therefore can marry; have children and stable families when the economy is booming. A recession in the economy increases the number of unemployed. As a result, families break due poverty, and young people develop fear on making marriage commitments. Marriage and family in the modern society is dynamic. Unlike in the past, family and marriage is not a priority for the elites. Young people are fighting for financial freedom and careers and therefore few are willing to marry and sire children. Harsh economic times scare the people from taking a lifetime commitment to marry and take care of the family. Family and marriages are the smallest unites of the community. The community therefore consists of several families. The family therefore set moral standards for families and regulates marriages. The community set the norms that a marriage has to follow to remain relevant to its purpose. The community is responsible for determining disciplinary action for rebels. Technology has improved family life because of close communication. Technology has helped in connecting families working distance from each other. However, technology has also had a negative implication on family relationships. For example, some families break because of too much concentration of social media. Religion In the ancient time, the development of religion depended on economic conditions. The time of Adam smith was a moment development of religion and economic activities in the country. An developing economy empowers citizens to stand for what they believe, religious benefits, and profitable commercial activities. A government with equal preference to all religious beliefs supports a good relationship between state and diverse religious leaders. The economy is changing the original purpose of religion. In the modern society, building of churches and committing to religious belief is attached to financial gains. Many churches are sprouting in most cities to lure people who provide their financial support to the ministry. Religious beliefs are inherited from the community. Since the ancient time, cultural belief and religious beliefs are controlled from the family level. The young people in the community, takes on the leadership in churches from their parents. For this reason, the community regulates the religious practices. Technology has promoted spread of religious beliefs in various parts of the world. In the contemporary society, people watch sermon online, read bibles in their phones, and facilitate preaching in far distances. Technology has also changed how people view the society. The spread of false prophetic ideologies through the internet has had negative impact on faith of the people.


Education requires fiance to acquire. The economy of the country determines the rate at which people invest in education. Careers and well-paying jobs are extrinsic motivation for one to acquire education. Government with adequate resource can subsidies education, employee skilled teachers, and provide enough facilities to support learning. Poor government does not have enough resources to finance education for her people, cannot provide job opportunities for her people, and cannot build institution of high learning to support quality education. The people in the modern society have dreams and life goals. The economy determines the number of people pursuing their careers. In the U.S.A, most families embrace education because it is perceived as one way of promoting economic development. Education is perceived as a tool to eradicate poverty in the society and therefore most people pursue education for such reason. Communities are stakeholders in the education system. The community motivates children to choose careers and professions that will boost their public image. The community is the source of role models, success people in education, businesses, and talents. For this reasons, the community socialize children to pursue education. Technology has shaped the methods of instruction in institutions. For example, with invention of internet enabled phones, and laptops has led to the initiation of distant learning programs. The students in the institution of higher learning use online libraries to learning. Technology has made work easier because learning is accessible to most people.

Part 2: Summary

Instructions: Write a 100-150-word summary of your matrix. Cite one to two resources you used to complete the matrix.

The economy, community, and technology have both positive and negative impacts the societal pillars. The economy for example, affects government policies on development agendas. For example, booming economy enable the government to invest in education and to provide job opportunities for her citizens. The ancient religious leaders are founders of the economic concepts. For example, Adam Smith advocated for a balanced society embrace both religious beliefs and economic development. The community influences societal pillars such as marriage, education, and religion. The community is the source of the idea of marriage, religion, and education. Technology is improved how government administers services to her people. With the technology, it is easy to track the development records of the government, to spread religious doctrines and to access learning materials in the society (Garcia-Segura et al., 2017).


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