Free Paper - Navigating Expectations: The Complex Realities Faced by Women in Their Late 30s

Published: 2024-01-09
Free Paper - Navigating Expectations: The Complex Realities Faced by Women in Their Late 30s
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A female in her late 30’s is seen as a woman who should have accomplished a little in life, be living well, whether with a family or still single. The character of a person should reveal that they are focused on securing a good life for themselves and their kids if any. At such an age, it is the time to have priorities such as planning for the life ahead that includes their retirement age. The society has its expectations of a female in her late 30’s. If one is not stable, they will describe you as a failure and the fact that they expect you to be raising a child or already married.

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There are those who perceive me to be an individual in the process of gaining economic stability and creating a stable future. Personally, I see myself as merely working for a living because I have other people depending on me, such as my family and parents. These individuals are my closest friends who know me well, and they represent the group of people who perceive the need for me to work and do not judge anything I do.

They want the best for me, and they expect that I should not let them down by changing my priorities and focusing on other things that are not even necessary. They think that I should love the adventure of attaining my goals, the benefits of work that I need to accomplish and climbing the artistic ladder. Generally, they know that I should be having my life together and have a strong emphasis on creating a financial foundation so that I become a reliable member of the society.

There are those who see me as a woman who should be feeling more relaxed and carefree. This category refers more so to my neighbours and workmates who do not know me enough to suggest what I should be doing. All they care for is that I have better health every day, I am crushing my goals, and I am more relaxed than ever. At my age, I know that it is the point in time when I should start to reassess my goals and wonder whether I have accomplished them as I had set. This way, others will also be looking to see if I have made progress at work or whether I have moved to live in a bigger house. Their expectations are such that I should be stable because I am close to the retirement age that will have me stressed about what to do to my dependents. They see that I am running out of time, and I should have it all. However, for me, my questions are whether I can have it all and if such is possible.

It is even more challenging to live to the expectations of how people perceive you because they seem to be the determinants of the things one does. As a woman, I am working and at the same time wanting a mate because the age leads to more urgency to meet the ideal person. As the biological clock ticks, so does that of economic advancement. This way, people see me as a person who should know how to balance the two despite the pressure. I may not be at a point to achieve all that even when the thirties are for women to create new concerns not already considered.

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