Free Paper Example on Goal-Related Tasks

Published: 2023-12-12
Free Paper Example on Goal-Related Tasks
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In any organization, there are inevitable conflicts when workers of different backgrounds meet in a work place. It can be expressed in different ways, such as bullying, insults, noncooperation, and anger. My role as a manager in the company is to handle workplace conflicts and communicate the company resolution procedures, as discussed below.

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As a human resource manager, hiring and recruiting new staff is vital in my company in that new hire staff are energetic and can perform the assigned task on time. The features required to have a new officer in my company includes, would be motivating so that it keeps them going, reliability to build trust, respect to ensure they treat others the way they would like to be treated, and working skills and communication so that they can work well with others. As a manager, an assessment that I could implement to make sure that my new workers have the qualities I gain would be an escape room. An escape room may educate a team of new staff to stay alert to get out, respect the other teammates if one applies different skills which they know and how they can work together and communicate effectively to make it out united.

Integrity Improval

Some of the elements to improve the integrity of the organization include training of workers to help them gain more knowledge and skills which they can use in their daily work. As a supervisor, I would use the most experienced workers to impart the right skills, along with volunteers from other agencies (Shany, 2012). I will make sure that all new staff gets the proper training by exposing them through a make-believe stimulation so that they can use their skills and knowledge. These elements are important in that it makes ensure employees do work as assigned and avoid conflicts within the organization.

As a manager, I will create time with my employees to interact to make the air out there grievances and to be free in expressing themselves. Secondly, plan what I will do in the evening since it is the best time to reflect what I have done for the work to accomplish. I will also create themes so that I can work more efficiently on them like, focusing on accomplishing work at a time. I will schedule the most important work for reflecting on my progress and also determine if I can adjust or continue with the work. The performance and evaluation in addressing disciplinary and accountability issues in my organization are of great essence in that it gives a chance to have a direct conversation with every employee to give my all attention so that we can work on weaknesses and praise strengths ( Leake & Ram, 1995). On these, I find it good because it goes in a respectful way such that it allows the employee to feel contented by trusting me and opening up.


Internal inputs that I will take include, creating an environment whereby corrosive conflicts are not likely to occur and also a framework to minimize conflicts. A good culture created and building strong relationships between the employees and managers is vital based on mutual respect, fairness, and trust. These encourage and motivate them to work and produce the best results. Involving the community in written rules, agreements, and policies makes them understand how conflicts are resolved, and it will be easy to solve any emerging conflict.


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