Personal Essay Example: Overseas Studying Makes Me Independent

Published: 2020-04-28
Personal Essay Example: Overseas Studying Makes Me Independent
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My name is Alex, an international student pursuing my career in the United States. My educational background has never been a walk in the park. My parents did not have enough capital to sustain our family. This made it difficult for us to settle fully in class because they could not afford school fees for me and my siblings. I attended for a few lessons in school due to this reason. Whenever I could be sent home for fees, I had to look for some casual jobs to work on. This could earn me some dollars which I could hardly spend in anyway. In my mind, I was looking for a way of raising my school fees in order to complete my high school education. In one way or another I was disappointed by the employers because they denied me any request for work. Most them used to ignore me because I was underage hence saying that it would appear as though that was child labor. This comments never made me to give up, rather they made me to push harder.

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One of the local companies gave me a job with conditions that I work for a whole month without salary so that they could trust me. This sounded low on my mind because all I was looking was money to raise my school fee. It really challenged my decision but I decided to take the risk of it by trusting them that one day they will understand why am seeking for that job. Finally, I was allocated my duties as a casual clerk in that company. I kept on praying that one day I must go back to school to acquire knowledge that I could use to transform my family life. Every day I had to wake up very early to prepare myself and rush to work in time because the work routine was that every employee should report in the company by seven oclock in the morning. My home used to be some kilometers away from the company.

As time goes on, my supervisor regarded me as one of the competent employees. He gave an appointment in his office where we had personal conversation and he was eager to know why I am working hard yet am not paid as a result. I was frank to him and I told him the main reason of working was to get money. Ironically, he giggled at me because I had not yet been approved on the payroll. Slowly I remained helpless as tears rolled down my cheeks. He felt pity for my story and final told me that he was going to settle my fee arrears in school. I was overwhelmed with joy when he told me the good news that I have been looking for several times. He gave me the permission to go to school and collect my previous result slip and the fee structure then bring them to him. He also gave me some money for transport and buy food for my family because we were unable to cater even for our daily meals. I walked out of the office joyfully as I started my journey to school.

When I arrived in the city, I met my Andrew who was my best friend back in lower classes. We had to look a place where we could have some talks and I bought snacks for the two of us. I told him the good news about my school fee breakthrough as we rejoiced together being long time since we met. Little did I know that my friend had become a conman? When snacks were brought, he insisted that I go get the menu from the counter because he said that we have been charged highly. I followed his word and walked majestically to the waiter asking for clarifications in the prices. Waiter took his time and explained all of them to me till I was satisfied. On my back, Andrew had put a sleeping substance in my snack and when I came back, we continued with our chat as I take it unknowingly. No sooner had we finished the snacks, than I started feeling dizziness. I dont remember the drama that followed from there but I just found myself in a closed room without any money in my pocket. I almost ran out of my mind when I remember that somebody somewhere is waiting to see my potential in class work. I knocked around and the door was opened for me by one of the restaurant workers. I asked him how I was locked there and he explained to me the scenario. I felt shame for myself but I had to go to school as soon as possible.

I rushed to school to collect the necessary documents and went back to the company that I was working. I met my supervisor and gave him my school documents. He looked at my results and congratulated me for my performances. I remained shy in face because I knew how I the journey was terrible to me. He immediately wrote a cheque for my school fees throughout the year and he took me to his car then we went for my shopping. All these happened to me like miracles but now I was convinced that I had to prove myself for the chance was back to my hands. I focused to my studies and finally sat for my final exams.

It was joyous when the results came out I had emerged the best student in the exams. My family and friends in general rejoiced my success. These results earned me a full scholarship to the United States. Generally, overseas studies have made me more independent whereby I can associate with anyone around the world. It has also made a change to my family as now we can cater for our family needs because I have got a well paying job hence earning well in terms of salary.

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