Free Paper: CV Example of a Public Relations Manager

Published: 2022-05-03
Free Paper: CV Example of a Public Relations Manager
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Possess remarkable organizational and logistical skills.

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Very practical, a strong team leader and player. Self-motivated and able to motivate others. Well capable of working under tight time constraints with high level of concentration, accuracy and under minimal supervision.


I am a public relations practitioner who is geared by the ideologies of hard work, self-control, respect for others, intellectual honesty and responsibility. I possess good analytical, professional judgment and problem solving skills. I am highly motivated, trainable, ready to learn and able to work in dynamic conditions.

Career objective

To identify, segregate, exploit, and utilize career opportunities in public relations and Project Management with the view of compounding and strengthening my knowledge, skills, exposure, and expertise.

Work Experience

2004 - 2006 Collectionneurs de timbres

2006 - 2016 Present (Qatar Petroleum QP) Offshore _ Marine Logistic.

Administration - PR Offshore Directorate

2016-2017 Present (Woqod)

ISO Compliance Analyst - Auditor - QHSSE Department

Proffessional objectives

working as a team with my colleagues - creating trust through open and direct communication as well as maintaining the personal appeal and genuine respect for others in meeting organization's objectives.

Disseminate my profound abilities in the dynamic challenging work environment

To work as a team in an organization that upholds the values of excellence, professionalism, initiative and personal growth in its endeavor to accomplish its mission, vision, and objectives.

To be a much sort of public relations and communication expert for natural resources and the environment at large within the petrol-chemical industry.

Contribution as a public relations manager

I bring to this organization the new edge in Products and Services, Innovation, Charitable Work, Economic Impact, Internal Perceptions, Customer relations and publicity that is vested in the social media. I have strong abilities in professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn and the general platforms for information sharing such as Facebook, tweeter, Instagram and WhatsApp. Here I will use creative messages informative photography, videos, and catchy correspondence to pass a message and ensure proper visibility of the organization and appeal to the intended audience.

It is my profound desire to be part of a team in a modern progressive organization where positive change is realized. I am knowledgeable and experienced in technical approaches to event organizing, publicizing, and logistics thereof with focused yet practical strategies of finance optimization for profit maximization in the petrochemical industry. The ability to work unsupervised, being an active team member who is supportive and open to sharing, correction and being approached while demonstrating leadership, gives me an edge in the local events sector.

Skills & Responsibly


In my capacity above, I worked in collaboration with my colleagues in official events organization for the company and the coordination of the activities thereof. These events included organizing company stands at various exhibitions and expos with a keen emphasis on the theme. Therefore, of the skills, I polished in this events includes thematic brochure and giveaways development.

Leadership & Supervisory skills- gained excellent progressive experience through:

Acting Administration of Marine Logistic & Offshore PR, taking care of all Supervisory delegated tasks and responsibilities during the delegation period.

Attending Management meetings & tender committee meetings.

Manage all types of Administration and PR corporate printings, collaterals and corporate stationery. Communicate design requirements to vendors and supervise production.

Communicated by Corporate Office and carry out implementation across the companies in Qatar.

Overall responsible for offshore Internal & External Conferences and Exhibitions. Also, Corporate Affairs point of contact to assist with events taking place in Doha. Roles & responsibilities summarized as below.

Responsible for QP's Offshore Operating corporate booth build, theme, & storage. Develop visuals in liaison with the corporate office.

Participate in media campaigns led by media specialist in cooperation with the corporate office.

Participate in creating environmental corporate videos.

Share responsibility with Offshore to implement strategies that support QP organizational objectives - whether it is to support the company's pursuit of project finance, initiate campaigns that drive its commitment to quality, health, safety, environment, security and production or demonstrate its support for corporate social responsibility.

Assist Offshore Managers with the Department budget, Business Plan and community relations plan during the event.

Audit current controls and performance monitoring elements to assess the effectiveness

Apply auditing techniques in Wood's APC and tower.

Audit ongoing processes to assure continued compliance

Prepare a report(s) based on the results of audits/tests to be presented and shared with senior staff

Assist in the oversight of the management and maintenance of the policies and procedures related to Quality Management

Ensure that all information of confidential nature is held securely and confidentially.

Perform external audits as required.

Ensure that all audit records and documentation are accurate and in compliance with applicable regulations

Communicate audit results, recommendations, and corrective actions effectively with customers, vendors, and coworkers

Manage corrective action programs to ensure they are executed promptly.

Coaching skills - these skills are demonstrated in

Coaching and preparing QP participating employees for their presentations.

Employee performance appraisal

Conflict management in the workplace

When acting as my supervisor, I ensure assigned staff complies with all company policies & procedures and a safe system of work in place within the area of responsibility.

Computer skills

Excellent usage of Microsoft Office, mindmap, Windows & Macintosh operating systems.

Well versed with SAP system

Moderate use of Adobe Photoshop

3D Max

Video animation carton.



Focal point and member of various committees

QP Environment Fairs Committee - Marine Offshore Dept. Representative 2011-2014

QP Career Fairs Committee

Site visit / Halul / Committee

Talent development Committee - Coach 2012-2015.

GO ( UM Said )) - PR Representative- Rotation based QP.

Monitoring and evaluation official - Training and facilitation department

Resource mobilization - Only through Community programmer for disability support.

World Petroleum Congress (WPC2011) QP committee - QP representative

HSE Committee member.

Awards Achievements

Some of my Professional Ted -Tawasul Day - Second place winner - Operations Directorate representative.

Qatar Petroleum Al Hasba Award 2014 - Winner of The best stand of learning Activities &Educational display 2014 QP Environment Fair

Qatar Petroleum Al Hasba Award 2013 -Excellence in assistance & execution during planning & the holding of QP Environment Fair

Outstanding work - HSE Excellence Award

Second Place Winner - HSE Corporate Competition 2013

Qatar Petroleum Al Hasba Award 2012 - MCing at DO Finance Meeting.

Qatar Petroleum Al Badla Award 2011- Excellence Performance at QPEF

Winner of Logo design competition, Safety Coveralls logo patch

Service Award -10 Years' Service Award

Some of my personal

CEO & Founder of Sarah's Holding.

A Cast of apprendre a oser French film with Bonaparte School - DFI and to be presented to HH. Shaika Moza Bint Nasser Al Misnad

Presentative at Al-Fanar to educate French School Muslims about Islam and Qatari Heritage.

2nd Place Winner - KAHRAMA sustainability Logo creative design competition.

1st Place Winner - Application Android Honorable by the Minister of Interior.

Honoring a distinguished project 2016 from His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani. National day project.

Honoring a distinguished project 2016 from His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, National day project.

Honoring a distinguished project 2016 from Alfaisal Holding Architecture Project.

Preparation and introduction programs Islamic and educational in French radio Oryx FM La radio francophone du Qatar.2013-2015

Member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Teaching, and Community Development.2015

Teaching - Arabic Petroleum Company + English + French.


Organized and participated in the following projects

Conferences, Exhibitions & Events

QP Environment Fair QPEF 2011-2014.

Design compilation of articles and images Newsletter of Offshore Operations.

DO Finance Day - Events MC ing.

"Our Planet Annual Conference" - presented on climate change effects caused by carbon emission.

A human resource review committee - research, communication, and documentation office


Presenting to influence & Persuade -CNAQ 2010.

Administration skills at work.

Time Management 2011.

Comprehensive Computer Skills training.

Adobe publishing skills for branding and outdoor advertisement 2013.

Lead without a title- Robin Sharma 2013

Media Response Training 2012

Setting Goals & Objectives 2012

Good Practice Sharing Workshop - QP 2011-2014

Corporate Sustainability Management 2013

PR Crisis Management Overview A B C Model 2016 - 2017

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification 2016 IMPLEMENTATION GUIDANCE FOR ISO 9001:2008 2017 ISO 14001 - Environment Management System (Ems) 2017 ISO 18001- Occupational Health And Safety Management System(OHSAS) 2017

Linguistic skills

Arabic Mother tongue

English Excellent Spoken & Written

French Excellent Spoken & Written

Chinese Good Spoken & Written

Turkish Good Spoken & Written

Philippine Good Spoken

Hindi (Tamil) Good Spoken

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