Free Essay with Documentaries Analysis: The Black Atlantic and The Land Between

Published: 2022-06-14
Free Essay with Documentaries Analysis: The Black Atlantic and The Land Between
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The Black Atlantic

It is evident that the African-American people were created via numerous global experiences. The first episode of the documentary "The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross" plays a vital role in providing a number of experiences over many years ago. The Black Atlantic depicts that the first Africans people to alive at Jamestown and Virginia were both slaves and free. During this time, the transatlantic slave trade was a considerable empire that connected three continents. The author of the episode provides interesting stories of various people who were caught in its web (Discriminology, 2016). For instance, the episode presents Priscilla, a 10-year old girl who was transported to South Carolina from Sierra Leone. On the same note, the episode indicates the emergence of plantation slavery experienced in American South.

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In addition, the Black Atlantic episode presents an international explosion of freedom movements. At this time, the episode examines the era of Revolutions in America, Haitian, and French to understand the meaning of the aforementioned revolution for African Americans as well as for slavery in America. It is important to comprehend that the episode plays a critical role in helping people travel throughout the U.S. on an engaging journey through African-American history (Discriminology, 2016). Specifically, the episode highlights different tragedies, contradictions, as well as triumphs of the black experience. This reveals that African-American community is not a uniform entity. The road to freedom of African-American individuals was like the course of a river that had various difficulties and triumphs. In simple terms, the first episode provides a considerable light on the journey to freedom of African-American individuals in the 18th century.

The Land Between

The documentary "The Land Between" provides substantial insight into the concealed as well as desperate lives of Sub-Saharan African migrants staying in northern Morocco Mountains. The documentary is critical in the manner that it shows the dreams of the migrants mentioned above. In particular, the Sub-Saharan Africans wanted to enter Europe by jumping a militarized barrier to Melilla. In fact, the documentary plays a vital role in demonstrating the daily lives of the migrants trapped in limbo with unparalleled and unprecedented access (Fedele, 2014). It is important to understand that a barrier developed as well as funded by the European Union separates the two continents presented in the film. In particular, the barrier was established to keep African migrants out of Europe. It is evident from the documentary that Morocco is paid a considerable amount of Euros to manage the border as well as the surrounding forests.

On the same note, the film documents the extreme violence as well as constant mistreatment the migrants experienced from the Spanish and Moroccan authorities. What is more, the documentary inquires numerous universal questions such as the way individuals are prepared to risk everything, including their lives, leave their family members, friends, and leave their country to search for a new and excellent life. In simple terms, the aforementioned documentary plays a critical role in explaining the difficulties as well as challenges the African migrants experienced when they wanted to enter Melilla (Fedele, 2014). Additionally, the film indicates that the migrants used to live and hide in Gourougou Mountains, outside of controlled smuggling and trafficking networks. Precisely, the two documentaries provide scenarios that concern the challenges Africans faced during the 18th century; however, in different locations.


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